Y3 International Relations

1 Semester of Year 3 Undergraduate Studies
2nd Year undergraduate
Fall (September)
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why choose the Y3 International Relations?

Aims of the Programme:

• A distinctive broad curriculum – students engage in experiential, experimental, and collaborative learning through a variety of modules focusing on International Relations. Students are immersed in an intensive week of a diplomacy game, themed around Middle Eastern security and geopolitics, and intended to be an innovative way of investigating the issues the region faces.
• Enhanced employability skills – students cultivate a wide range of relevant skills including teamwork, communication, critical analysis, intellectual curiosity or organisation. The programme emphasises developing critical thinking skills and the ability to research, engage in debate, and construct persuasive arguments. Students will also have the valuable opportunity to network in business and academia.

• A perspective and experience – the opportunity to relate what students learn to global developments, particularly the challenges of EDI, climate change, and world security.
• An emphasis on the control and dissemination of information, highlighting issues such as online propaganda, radicalization, and conspiracy theories; OSINT; censorship; corporate control of the media; privacy concerns, surveillance technology, and the challenges and opportunities facing modern journalism.
• A study abroad experience – students develop their autonomy and practise their English skills by living in a foreign country and attending classes taught entirely in English.

What is the programme of Y3 International Relations?

This programme offers students:

The focus in this semester of Year 3 Undergraduate Studies in International Relations is to give students an in-depth knowledge of the various factors – economic, political, technological, and cultural – affecting international relations, each course taught by experts in the relevant areas.

The programme takes full advantage of its location in London, a major world city, and includes cultural visits across the city and in-depth
discussion of both domestic and global British politics.

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What is the degree awarded by Y3 International Relations

OMNES Education London Certificate

admission requirements for Y3 International Relations programme

English Level : B1 :

It’s important to have a B1 level of English to study in England, as this will enable you to communicate easily with other students and teachers, understand the lessons given in English, succeed in your academic work and integrate socially. With a good level of English, you’ll feel more at ease in everyday life in England, whether you’re shopping, using public transport or dealing with administrative formalities. In short, a B1 level in English will make it easier for you to succeed academically and adapt to your new environment.

Apply to the Y3 International Relations?

For internal students currently registered in an OMNES Education institution,

please get in touch with your International Relations Office.

For external students, please contact here.

Updated 11 September 2023