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Are you eligible?

In order to successfully complete your studies at our schools in France or abroad, we require sufficient academic records and language skills in French and/or English:

The student must be able to manage a discussion on concrete or abstract topics, including technical terms.

For more information, we invite you to contact our service:

Our programs for your studies in France and abroad:

Omnes Education offers its 35,000 students the opportunity to follow programs ranging from Bachelor’s to MSc, MBA and even DBA, and is thus positioned as the undisputed leader in private higher education in France.

Find out more about the different programs available to our international students:

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Studying in EUROPE: City Guide


The Omnes Education network has 35,000 students, with no less than 65 nationalities represented.

If you are applying as an international student, you can apply directly online.

I am a French student

OMNES Education’s student population includes students from around the world. We welcome students from over 100 countries each year.

Updated 29 November 2022