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Omnes Education, leader français de l’enseignement supérieur privé avec pas moins de 12 écoles présentes à travers 17 campus, dont 5 en France.  

The group offers nearly 400 programs open to international students and recognized in France and internationally.

Working to increase diversity and inclusion among its students, the group currently has more than 35,000 international students, with over 65 nationalities represented across its 12 schools.

Come and study at one of our 5 campuses

With a wide range of courses, from Bachelor’s, BBA, DBA, to MSc, MBA and Programme Grande Ecole, your study perspective is unlimited.

Highly employability-oriented, Omnes Education focuses on the following areas of study:

Have you found your dream school?

So check out our international programs and admissions criteria to apply!

Updated 25 November 2022