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The United Kingdom is one of the most popular countries for international students. Its success is mainly due to the quality of education offered by its many universities. By coming to study in the UK, students have the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in the world.

But beware, going to study in the UK requires preparation. Omnes Education can help you prepare for this important project.

Why study in the UK?

The quality of education is at the top of the list of good reasons to study in the UK. The universities present in the country are known to offer very high level training. Moreover, the country has some of the best universities in the world.

Secondly, the country is the place to be to learn and master English in the best conditions. Studying and living in the UK for any length of time will require students to practice English.

The country is also a crossroads of many cultures and is open to foreigners. To keep all these people busy, the UK has plenty to do, with its tourist sites and numerous activities.

Which studies to do in the UK?

The United Kingdom is home to a large number of schools offering a wide variety of courses. What all these courses have in common is that they are of a very high quality and are mainly taught in English.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the studies that can be done in the United Kingdom:

Where to stay in the UK while studying?

The UK is a very large city with a fairly large supply of housing. On the other hand, as astudent on a budget, there are certain housing options that are best suited to you.

First, there are the campuses and student residences that are numerous in the country. The rent in these accommodations is usually around 400 euros. In the capital, Omnes Education offers students the London Campus.

The other option is to stay with a local. In addition to allowing you to better discover the culture of the country, this solution considerably reduces expenses. Here, the expenses will be limited to the contributions to the common expenses (food, electricity, heating, internet).

How to enroll in a top school in the UK as an international student?

In order to apply to a top school in the UK, you must first of all be aware of the admission requirements. Next, you need to find out how to proceed.

Generally, for foreign students, registration is done on a specific platform. However, the procedure can also be done in parallel on the university’s website.

For foreign students, during the registration process, the institutions ask for certain documents that must be translated into English. They can also request equivalence for certain diplomas.

Visa and specific requirements to study in the UK

I am an international student, do I need a visa to study in the UK?

Here, all applicants other than UK nationals are considered international students. For these applicants, following the Brexit, the arrangements vary depending on when they arrive in the country.

For applicants who arrived before January1, 2021, only the EU Settlement Scheme was required. However, for any arrival after this date, a visa is required.

This provision therefore concerns European students and foreign students outside the European Union. In addition, a study visa is required for any course lasting more than 6 months.

Are there any specific requirements for studying in the UK?

The United Kingdom is an exclusively English-speaking country. Therefore, one of the main requirements for studying there is to be fluent in English.

In order to ensure the language skills of applicants, universities in the UK usually require a certificate. This certificate is issued following an English language exam, usually the IELTS.

Does Omnes Education offer programs in its schools in the UK?

The group has a campus in the English capital. This is the London Campus where students can find the school Sup de Pub.

This program is committed to training the managers of tomorrow in one of the following specializations

  • communication;
  • digital and media ;
  • creation.

    These specializations are spread over different programs ranging from 1st year undergraduate to 2nd postgraduate.

    As the school is based in the United Kingdom, it necessarily offers English language training, including :
  • Intensive & business English ;
  • Exclusive seminars ;
  • Off-campus learning experiences.

How do I apply to an Omnes Education Group school to study in the UK?

The registration to SUP de PUB is done in the same way as with all the schools of Omnes Education.

OMNES Education’s various schools and campuses are open to students of all backgrounds. For the majority of schools, the application is done directly online, on the schools’ websites. This is the procedure for students who reside in the same country where the school is located.

International students have to follow a different procedure to enter one of the group’s schools located in the United Kingdom. This is the international admission procedure.

Updated 29 November 2022