An engineering student wins the inter-school eloquence contest

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The 2nd edition of the inter-school competition organized by the INSEEC U. Academy of Eloquence has consecrated its winner: Boladji Bankole, 4th year student at ECE.

30 candidates selected for the fall session from all our campuses debated in the semi-finals on Saturday, November 16 on the imposed topic “What to say? Each had 3 minutes to respond in a constructed speech that they were free to conduct as they pleased.

Evaluated on the five criteria of Eloquence: Memory, Elocution, Invention, Composition, Action, the 6 winners then met on December 2 for the Grand Final, in front of a Jury composed of :

  • Christophe Girard, Deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of Culture, who chaired the jury
  • Marc Ferracci, Professor of Economics (IEP Paris – Paris II), advisor to the Minister of Labor
  • Sébastien Mercier, Sales Director, “L’Etudiant” Group
  • Jean Lévy, Former French Ambassador, Advisor to the President of the Republic
  • Loïc Dombreval, Member of Parliament.
  • Bénédicte Loubère, Director and journalist
  • Marie-Caroline Missir, Director at Digischool

Heddi Adoudi (ECE), Inès Bouchaara (American BBA INSEEC), Caroline Rabarison (American BBA INSEEC), Nabil Djarfi (HEIP), Myriam Sagombaye (HEIP), Jasmine Kounta (INSEEC School of Business & Economics) and the winner of this session, Boladji Bankole (ECE), had to present an indictment, as well as an improvisation on a quotation chosen at random.

Congratulations to all!

Finale concours de l’éloquence

Updated 31 January 2022