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Many resources are available to help you decipher higher education, and to help you find your way after high school.

A leader in private higher education, OMNES Education (formerly INSEEC U.) trains 35,000 students and 2,000 executives in continuing education each year.

Our 13 schools allow our students to develop in complete confidence, with a clear objective: to develop their employability to the maximum. Regardless of their professional orientation, OMNES Education Group graduates easily find employment, not only upon graduation, but throughout their careers.


OMNES Education est présent dans de nombreuses villes en France et à l’international.
Découvrez nos différents campus en France, à Paris, à Lyon, à Bordeaux, à Chambéry-Savoie et à Beaune.

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur nos campus à l’international ? Découvrez notre campus de Londres, de San Francisco, de Genève, de Barcelone, de Montreux, de Monaco et d’Abidjan.


The Schools

OMNES Education is one of the few groups to offer such a wide range of schools in various fields: Management, Engineering, Political Science and International Relations, Communication and Advertising.

and research

A rich academic corpus of more than 120 permanent teacher-researchers from 25 countries on all continents, who contribute to the excellence and quality of the teaching provided in the group.

Updated 2 May 2022