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Convinced that gender diversity is a real asset for performance, the INSEEC U. Group supports the government’s approach to promote gender equality through Decree No. 2019-15 of January 08, 2019.

The INSEEC U. Group (through its subsidiary Organisation & Développement – O&D) has calculated the 4 legal indicators that make up the Professional Equality Index set up by the Ministry of Labour, namely

  • Indicator 1: The gender pay gap (40 points),
  • Indicator 2: The gap in the individual rate of pay increase between women and men (35 points),
  • Indicator 3: The number of employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave (15 points),
  • Indicator 4: Parity among the 10 highest paid (10 points).

Details of indicators :

The objective of the index is to measure where companies stand in terms of professional equality by aggregating several indicators, making it possible to obtain an overall score out of 100.

By obtaining a score of 89/100, higher than the minimum score set at 75/100, O&D demonstrates that it respects its obligations in this area and proves that it remains faithful to its commitment to preserve equal treatment between men and women.

Also, this daily commitment is materialized through access to employment by an egalitarian recruitment process and professional promotions made without regard to gender.

In a continuous improvement approach, INSEEC U. will continue to give meaning to this good result and will continue its efforts to improve.

*The total of the calculable indicators is reduced to 100 points by applying the proportionality rule.

Updated 31 January 2022