Launch of “Passeport pour le Sup”, a unique immersive journey to find your vocation

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220,000 students reorient themselves each year and this figure is constantly increasing (+24% between 2019 and 2020) [1] . In order to support these young people, help them regain confidence and gain a vision of their future, OMNES Education – the leading private operator of higher education in France with its 12 schools and 35,000 students – is launching “Passeport pour le Sup”. An immersive 10-week program to give them a glimpse of their future in 4 major academic fields via 5 schools of the group: engineering with ECE, management with ESCE, political science and international relations with HEIP and communication and creativity with Sup de Pub and Sup de Créa.

[1 ] 220,000 students in 2020, an increase of 24% compared to 2019.
Source: report “La réorientation dans l’enseignement supérieur”, June 2020, IGESR

A multidisciplinary approach allowing you to refine your personal project and acquire new skills without losing a year

Assisting students in their post-baccalaureate orientation and, if necessary, in their reorientation has become a priority for OMNES Education, which makes the success of its students its primary objective.After the first two free sessions of In Decemberand January, OMNES Education launches the “Passeport pour le Sup” program, a new type of multidisciplinary approach to help parents and their children find their way in life. This program is designed for students who are not yet sure which sector or profession to choose.

Two sessions will be offered each year: the first will begin on March 28, 2022 for students who are reorienting and the second will be held in the fall for students without an orientation after Parcoursup.

A 10-week program, 192 hours of training and personalized support

Passeport pour le Sup has several objectives: to allow students to regain their confidence, to refine their personal project and to acquire skills that can be directly added to their CV. In other words, make this year anything but a waste.

Regain your confidence

Through workshops (especially communication), coaching sessions (40 hours), group and individual work sessions, etc. Students will learn more about themselves and will be able to refine their personal project.

Discover and explore different worlds and professions to refine your personal project

Via an immersive course in 5 schools and 4 academic fields (engineering with ECE, management with ESCE, political science with HEIP and communication and creation with Sup de Pub and Sup de Créa), via meetings with professionals (company visits, testimonies of former students…).

Acquire valuable skills

In addition to the thematic courses offered by the schools (digital culture, IoT for beginners, international business, marketing 4.0, international negotiation, political discourse, communication & creativity), English courses (60 hours of English), courses in the use of digital tools (40 hours), French courses, and work on behavioral skills (self-knowledge, emotional management, creative thinking, etc.) will be offered; this learning will lead to the passing of recognized certifications (TOEIC, Voltaire, PIX, MS Office).

And go further…

Students will have the opportunity to complete their courses with a choice of options (3 week stay in London, 2 to 4 week internship); they will also have access to complementary Eiffel campus courses/content/events (free).

Practical information

The first session, offered at the rate of 2 500€, will start on March 28, 2022 on the Paris Eiffel campus and will offer 20 places. To register, contact Philippe HAÏK,

Updated 4 July 2022