greetings OMNES EDUCATION 2024: a year of commitment

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At the start of this new year, OMNES Education would like to extend its best wishes for a year of commitment in 2024.

Fully committed to our educational mission, we reaffirm our determination to guide thousands of students towards a fulfilling professional future.

Our daily commitment is fueled by the passion and expertise of our teachers and support staff, who are committed to providing every student with the keys to success.

Our commitment is also reflected in our strong values: building an inclusive society and contributing to a sustainable world. These principles guide our positive actions through programs such as our “Time to ACT” CSR initiative and our PACT program, which enables our students to take part in structuring volunteer experiences, or our SHIFT(s) program, which prepares them for the major upheavals of our time.

We wish you a happy and committed 2024. May the OMNES Education Group continue to be a committed partner in building a promising future for all.

Updated 15 January 2024