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What is entrepreneurship?

Committed entrepreneurship, or in other words social entrepreneurship, aims to create collective projects that are value-driven and meaningful. The objective is to respond to a societal issue or to bring a value of general interest through the various projects.

Engaged entrepreneurship is a departure from current business systems that focus on short-term economic efficiency. Instead, it promotes a broader vision where more sustainable ways of doing things are created over the long term. Thus, engaged entrepreneurship places a fundamental importance on the social or ecological value of an economic activity.

The projects undertaken affect all sectors of activity, are more and more numerous and have a real social value as :

  • Professional integration
  • Help for people with disabilities
  • Access to housing, health and education
  • Environmental sustainability: organic farming, waste recycling…

How to build your project ? What are the steps?

You have a project in mind and you want to make it happen but you don’t know where to start? Here are some steps that can help you get started.

Étape 1 : Analyse de son marché

Here, the idea is to study your environment in order to master as much as possible the market in which you wish to evolve.

Elements to analyze:

  • Market opportunities
  • Market threats
  • The request
  • The competitors

Through this market analysis you will be able to define the competitive advantage of your offer compared to the competitors.

Don’t forget to talk about your project to your friends and family and to listen to their comments and advice.

Étape 2 : Optimiser son offre et sa Stratégie

This step provides an essential foundation for your project.

2 actions are to be carried out:

  • Establish your business model and your financing plan
  • Find out how to finance your project

Étape 3 : Officialiser votre projet

At this third stage, you can initiate the administrative steps for the creation of your project

Étape 4 : L’Aventure commence et votre projet devient concret

At this point, everything becomes concrete, your project is born and your entrepreneurial adventure begins. Our advice: test, correct and adapt your offer to your market. In the long term, refine your offer and remain open to possible opportunities to expand your business.

How to finance your project?

Once you have built your project, the next question is: how can I finance my project? There are many ways to find the resources needed to get your project off the ground.

  1. Seek financing from banks and credit institutions

After having established a market study and a solid business plan, it is possible to appeal to banks and credit institutions to obtain the necessary funds to launch your project. To do this, you will have to convince the banker on a few essential points:

– The viability of your project

– Establishing a well thought-out financing plan

– Your assets and means to manage the project

  1. Financing by equity investors

The equity investor is either a project partner or an external individual.

Equity investment consists of the investor injecting a sum of money into a project in exchange for a share of the company’s stock.

Thanks to this, the project will have a more substantial capital and therefore more means to realize and concretize the project.

The investor bets on the profitability of your project.

  1. Fundraising through crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding is participatory financing. The objective is to collect donations from a large group of individuals. The idea is to get as many people as possible to participate in order to contribute to the financing of your project.

Some crowdfunding platforms: Ulule, KissKissBankBank, Leetchi, Indiegogo

  1. Funding from public agencies

Public organizations: Pôle Emploi, Bpifrance or others can finance your project. These organizations can help you find the funds to launch your project.

What support is needed to launch your project?

Throughout the realization of your project, you have the possibility of being accompanied in order to overcome the difficulties and the stages inherent to a creation of activity.

Dedicated networks can inform you, guide you and accompany you in all the steps.

  1. BGE

BGE is a national support network for business creation. This organization intervenes from the emergence of a project idea to the development of the company. By 2021, BGE will have created 15,000 businesses and 57,000 support and training programs.

  1. Initiative France

Initiative France is a national network of 207 local associations. Initiative France’s objective is to accompany you throughout your business project.

  1. Entreprendre Networks

Composed of a diverse community of business leaders, Réseau entreprendre has many volunteer professionals to help project leaders from the idea to the creation and realization of the project.

  1. France Active

France Active supports and finances companies, its mission is to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs by giving them the means to commit themselves.

  1. CCI France

CCI, the network of chambers of commerce and industry provides advice, tools and experts for project leaders.

  1. Bpifrance

Bpifrance is an organization that supports project leaders in the creation, development and financing of their projects. Bpifrance provides a network of professionals and experts who can participate in the realization of the project.

3 inspiring podcasts about committed entrepreneurship

Do you want to embark on the adventure of committed entrepreneurship? Here are 3 podcasts to inspire you and maybe bring you some ideas!

Les Nouveaux Aventuriers

“The New Adventurers” is a podcast that highlights committed projects, these women and men who shape the world of tomorrow. Each episode gives the floor to a speaker who shares his or her adventure: journey, daily life, doubts and advice.

An inspiring podcast that will make you want to make your project a reality!


Created in 2017, “Basilic” a podcast highlighting positive initiatives and makes us discover concrete projects around different environmental themes (energy, upcycling, zero waste…).

This podcast gives voice to “those who imagine and dream the world of tomorrow”, while addressing ecology, activism, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

Impact Positif

“Positive Impact” is a podcast that highlights Changemakers, those change-makers who have decided to implement projects that have a positive impact on our society today.

Entrepreneurs, citizens, committed students, these Changemarkers tell us about their careers, their commitments and give us advice on how to launch a committed project.

Updated 17 October 2022