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Human Resources Directors, Talent Management Managers, Business Leaders, what is more important than developing skills and retaining team members?

For more than 60 years, IFG Executive Education has been accompanying the transformation of companies. We have assisted more than 8,000 companies in the development of their employees’ skills, their certifications or their diplomas. A pioneer in digital learning, the IFG puts people at the heart of its teaching methods. To do this, we rely on our extensive pedagogical know-how and a large library of off-the-shelf content. Customer satisfaction is our priority: we have a 94% overall satisfaction rate in 2021.

Our training courses


They lead to a diploma (CPF eligible).

  • Co-Construction
  • Made to measure
  • Contextualized
  • Customizable

short inter or intra company courses

They cover many topics related to your business.

Hybrid training courses and content designed to ensure your employees’ commitment throughout the training course and to personalize the learning pace.

These training courses can be integrated into certification or diploma courses.

our proposed areas of intervention and training

  • Strategy and business management
  • Management and leadership
  • Finance – Management – Accounting
  • Digital transformation and change management
  • CSR & sustainable development
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship
  • Project management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Human resources – coaching
  • Professional effectiveness – Written communication
  • Luxury management
  • AI, Data Management
  • Office automation
  • Foreign languages

They trust us

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Updated 8 March 2022