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About Sup Career

Sup Career Alternance is one of the 12 schools ofOMNES Education. Located in the heart of Paris, Sup Career trains you in one of the 8 sectors of your choice:;

Finance, international, marketing, commerce, digital, communication, human resources and management.

Sup Career is distinguished by its alternating pedagogy which adapts to the expectations of companies and the realities of the market.

You can join Sup Career from Bac+3 to Bac+5.

The school also offers 5 100% online Executive programs.

Discovering our routes

Sup Career offers you to follow one of the 8 professional courses with either a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3) over 1 year for students who have validated a BAC+2 or a BAC+4 and BAC+5 course.

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You also have the possibility to do Executive Training 100% online.

This type of course allows you to save money while enjoying the comfort of taking our courses from home.

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Updated 16 September 2022