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Aubin Blanco received a social sciences baccalaureate in the European sections at Lycée Gabriel Fauré before enrolling in INSEEC business school in Chambéry for a bachelor’s degree in commercial marketing and development. A desire to understand global issues led him to a master’s degree in international management at INSEEC Lyon. After having conquered new markets and demonstrated creativity during his work-study years,he set out on the road to entrepreneurship, determined to bring joy to others. .

Free throws and sunny slopes

Aubin Blanco omes from Annecy, known as one of France’s most sports-oriented cities. Having been immersed in this athletic atmosphere since childhood, it’s not surprising that he loves team sports, skiing, hiking, and wakeboard. “We are lucky enough to have beautiful mountains, so why not make the most of it,” he smiles.

While Aubin Blanco dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player when he was young, he is now devoted to projects related to events His goal is to organize sports events, especially for name brands, welcoming chance meetings and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

The young man has maintained his competitive side, which he nurtured during his years as a player, referee, and finally, basketball coach. Which is probably the reason he didn’t hesitate to jump into a shiny red Renault 4L and cross the Moroccan desert when he was a student. Together with Eliott Bernard and their gorgeous vintage car (affectionately named “Icot”), the Popies of the desert team competed for the 4L Trophy, a fund-raiser automotive race including only Renault 4Ls.

“During the 2nd of my bachelor’s degree, we were lucky enough to have an incredible experience thanks to the 4L Trophy. The preparation was really interesting, as we had to find funding, deal with logistics and raise funds, school supplies and sports equipment, to support the Enfants du Desert non-profit. We had some extraordinary experiences during the race. We had to surpass ourselves, put things in perspective, share, and help each other. And the sun rising over the dunes of Merzouga was just unforgettable,”he remembers.

Events à la carte

While geopolitics and management fascinate Aubin Blanco, the entrepreneur seems to have found his bliss in event planning. When he was a student, he worked as a waiter at the Brewery-Distillery of Mont Blanc. He was given the job of developing a boat-rental service, as well as onsite parties for works councils.

“I had to create communication strategies and be very versatile. That was when I came up against my first professional challenges, because each action had repercussions, and I wanted everything to be perfect in terms of organization,” he explains.

During his studies, Aubin Blanco was very involved in school activities, especially as a member of the Student Union. He helped coordinate several events, including organizing the Raclette Cup ‘3 by the side of Alexandre Valentino, professor of event planning at INSEEC at Chambéry. Despite the rumor that students at this campus use skis to get from place to place and only eat raclette, traditional alpine fare involving melted cheese and charcuterie, they still had to move mountains to set up the biggest raclette party the world has ever seen. The opportunity he was waiting for quickly arrived: in 2013 he became investor relations and financial communications analyst at Vallourec.

A taste for travel

Eager to unravel the mysteries of different cultures and to understand why conflicts erupt around the world, Aubin Blanco quickly caught the travel bug. He cherishes his memories of these trips. Between his junior and senior years in high school, he lived for a year in the United States, in Portland, Oregon.

“This break made me realize just how much social codes can vary between one place and another. What seems bizarre in France means something completely different on the other side of the Atlantic. I also met some very interesting people,” he confides.

It was while he was abroad, studying in the Erasmus program, that he started to look for a company where he could do an apprenticeship for his master’s. “I had to adapt because of the pandemic, which had already forced me to go to the Netherlands rather than Mexico. It was a great experience, even if most of the courses were online.”

The young man pursued his ambitions with relish, committing to a two-year apprenticeship at My Candy Shop, a company that specializes in candies from around the world. His job, which focused on developing exports, allowed him to sample all facets of the profession: prospecting clients, creating customer loyalty, designing communication tools and commercial materials, etc.

Rising to all the challenges that emerged, he was also responsible for following up with clients. “I like to maintain quality commercial relationships. I find that essential. Certain clients even took the time to call me after the mission was completed to express their satisfaction,” he says. That’s gratifying!”he says.

An entrepreneur’s journey

The alumnus of INSEEC at Chambéry and at Lyon remembers the precious lessons he learned. For him, they compose a toolbox that he is free to use as he wishes. He encourages students to experiment, to dare to fail in order to progress, all the while insisting on how important it is for the younger generation to put themselves out there and to question themselves.

“The three years of my bachelor’s degree remain some of my most memorable, marked by unforgettable early experiences and lasting friendships. Graduation was a euphoric moment, reuniting all the old students after eight months of master’s, when everyone carved out their own path,”, he reveals.

Today, Aubin Blanco is still connected to the school. After creating his own event company, he helps students with their various projects. In particular, he participated in the orientation week for 1st and2nd year students, and is actively involved with Festicolor, an intercampus event.

“Today, I am lucky enough to be in event planning, and I love that. I work to avoid logistical foul-ups, to find solutions so that every event unfolds without wasting time. My goal is that people are happy, that they enjoy themselves. Making people happy, that’s a wonderful career!”he enthuses.

He is confident about his future, even if he is not sure if he’ll be living abroad or in the heart of his lakeside city in ten years. One thing is sure, he sees himself living a fulfilling life.

Mes trois années de Bachelor demeurent aujourd’hui parmi les plus mémorables, marquées par des moments d’intégration inoubliables et des amitiés durables. La remise de diplôme a été un moment d’euphorie, réunissant tous les anciens étudiants après huit mois de Master où chacun avait tracé sa propre voie. »



Updated 18 January 2024