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From the age of 12 and with just a simple camera, Quentin Buggia started to film the world around him, capturing glimpses of life and creating videos in his back yard. Since then, his fascination for photo and video has developed – it never left him. Quentin Buggia ‘s story is that of a passionate creator, who turned his passion into a career, making each project an expression of his own nature. Camera in hand and inspired by his love of nature, he takes us on a moving and colorful journey.

A traditional course, until Indonesia

For his academic journey, Quentin went for a traditional course, far removed from arts and creation. After graduating with a degree in economics and law, he discovered the existence of the Bachelor’s degree in Art Direction at the CRÉA school in Geneva, and got back in touch with his teenage aspirations. His parents were initially a little doubtful about this new route but they ended up supporting his choice and encouraging him to make his dreams come true.

However, before he set out on this program, Quentin Buggia embarked on his first major trip. He spent a year in Australia and Indonesia to perfect his English and developed his creative flame via the video projects that documented his adventures. This transformational interlude confirmed his passion for translating emotions, stories and messages into images.

A stopover at CRÉA

The CRÉA stage begins in 2015. The three bachelor years included regular events such as inspiring group projects, fruitful meetings with students of all backgrounds and a stimulating and competitive atmosphere.

Quentin Buggia speaks of an environment that encourages being bold, pushing the borders of creativity.

“We were able to test things and be more daring because there was no client requests to constrain us. We had a lecturer who pushed us to test rather crazy things! It gave me a lot of space to express myself and experience everything I could.”

Two five-month internships played a crucial role during this apprenticeship. One was in an advertising production agency, Toast Agency in Neuchâtel, and the other was a video internship at Numéro 10 in Bern. These experiences gave him a practical grounding in the field, solid skills and lasting professional contacts.

Quentin Buggia can now be found at his former art school as lecturer, coach and expert judge, sharing his expertise with CRÉA students!

An undertaking for nature

To explore Quentin Buggia‘s world, do not hesitate to look up hisfirst photo exhibit, produced in February 2023 in Neuchâtel, which lifts the veil on imposing landscapes and captures scenes from life.

He cultivates his world on a daily basis thanks to a range of inspirations: YouTubers, series, documentaries and trips abroad. Sapiens, a Brief History of Humanity, by Yuval Noah Harari and Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist, are in fact two of the books that suffused his inner world.

HAVAS GROUP – LEA FURIO, Head of Strategy & Intelligence – Havas International at Havas Media Group

His camera is an instrument he uses to show the world as he sees it: bright, bountiful, fragile Quentin Buggia’s greatest joy is sharing stories and his ability to translate into images the beauty of our planet. And yet, the Earth is increasingly exposed to deterioration and we risk witnessing its disappearance.

For his end-of-year project, Quentin Buggia launched an awareness campaign on behalf of Greenpeace to combat plastic straw pollution. A project he is proud of, as it shows his wish to make work meaningful and contribute to the causes he holds dear.

The business adventure

Searching for a comprise between financial reality and his aim to champion a more equitable world, Quentin Buggia wanted to earn his living from his documentaries. In 2023, he started on a thrilling trip in Tanzania, to report on the conflicts between inhabitants and local fauna.

The project was practically self-funded and supported by WWF and the Columbia clothing brand. Two episodes have already been published on Quentin Buggia’s YouTube channel, a glimpse of his adventures before publishing the documentary in 2024.

With a keen eye, extreme sensitivity and acute intuition, Quentin Buggia describes himself as someone who feels things deeply, both in his artistic projects and in daily life. This sensitivity is the compass he uses for his art projects: “When I start a project, I dive right in. Feeling every emotion a project gives me, whether positive or negative, allows me to quickly sense whether something is going to work or not!”

Nurturing the creative flame

Want to know what advice Quentin Buggia gives to aspiring creators? Here it is: ” Work on your passion because those who are most passionate find new opportunities! Above all, do your stuff for yourself without waiting for approval from others, stay alert to nurture the creative flame and persevere!

Looking to the future Quentin Buggia is thinking of staying independent, documenting the topics that speak to him. His ultimate goal? His ultimate goal is to breathe life into more environmental awareness campaigns, secure funding to document his trips and earn a living from a job that upholds his values.

Développez votre passion, faites les choses pour vous, restez actifs pour entretenir la flamme de la créativité et persévérez !

Quentin BUGGIA

Alumnus CREA

Updated 11 April 2024