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OMNES Educationhas been the reference for training in the field of sportssince 1992.Discover the different programs of OMNES Education that will allow you to train for the different professions of this dynamic, international and innovative industry.

Between passion and profession

OMNES Education offers unique and comprehensive programs focused on business and sport management.

Our programs dedicated to sports range from post-baccalaureate to BAC+5 and are offered in Chambéry, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and internationally, notably in Monaco and Geneva.

The objective of our programs is to offer you a global vision with courses in marketing & events, sales & distribution, governance & federations.This rich background allows our students to turn towards a career in both sports and international affairs.

The Bachelor’s program gives you all the basics and skills needed to market sports products and services.OurMSc & MBA and Master programs give our students a global vision of sports management with expertise in a given field: event marketing, e-sports, distribution…

Sport in our schools programs :

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A sponsor and a pole director at your service!

Pierre Nigay L'Equipe Amazon Prime Video sponsor of OMNES Education sport expert

Sponsor of the cluster

Pierre NIGAY, Editor in Chief, Amazon Prime Video

Passionate about sports – especially soccer – and journalism, he was quickly hired by L’Equipe TV after studying at Sciences Po and doing a lot of freelance work in the field. He joins Amazon Prime Video to innovate in the treatment of sports, offering original content and immersive reporting.

Director of the division

David Bouvier, Director INSEEc Chambéry Savoie

After an experience as a company manager where he discovered training as a speaker, David launched himself into the world of teaching.

Passionate about sports and driven by the desire to transmit, he guides students every day to learn, acquire skills, try, dare and blossom in their projects.

Our students are inspiring! What if tomorrow was you?

Anthony NAKONECZNY MARINFondateur de Curlynak

Curlynak est une marque de vêtements et accessoires techniques made in France redoutable dans 8 pays qu’Anthony a créée quand il avait 17 ans, en juillet 2018. Il s’est spécialisé dans le développement de vêtements et chaussettes ultra light pour la pratique des sports de montagne et a également créé une entreprise de R&D afin de proposer aux entreprises du secteur outdoor la fabrication de produits.

Anthony étudie en parallèle à l’INSEEC à Chambéry et concilie ainsi les études avec sa pratique de sport de haut niveau en trail.

Pitch 2_Journal CSActu _ (4) copie
Thomas DORYJournaliste sport pour le journal CS Actu

Thomas a intégré en novembre 2020 le journal étudiant CS Actu où il occupe maintenant le poste de directeur des journalistes sport, et manage une équipe de 13 journalistes étudiants. Il écrit plusieurs fois par mois des articles sur l’actualité sportive et réalise des interviews de sportifs de haut niveau et de personnes qui font le sport en France.

Tout cela en parallèle de ses études en sport business à l’INSEEC sur le campus de Chambéry Savoie !

Depuis fin 2019, il réalise régulièrement des actions de bénévolat lors d’évènements sportifs, malgré la Covid-19.

Tips from the pros for working in sports!

Do you have to be athletic to work in sports?

Not necessarily! Yes, the fact that you know it and practice it is a big plus, but you are recruited first and foremost for a job and its related skills.

Choose your internships in sports to enrich your CV from your studies

Test things, and as our sponsor Pierre Nigay says, you have the right to make mistakes! “To be wrong is also to choose, to know what you don’t want to do or no longer want to do“.

Volunteer your time

Take the lead and get involved through volunteer experiences. These valuable experiences will provide you with a first immersion in the industry, as well as demonstrate your motivation and commitment to a recruiter.

Dream big, but take your career one step at a time

With his experience as a journalist, Pierre Nigay, the sponsor of the OMNES Education Sport division, confided to the students: “Before going to cover the conflict in Kosovo, you have to go to the sausage festival in the next village. I loved it, that’s how you learn!”

Don’t just look at the big groups

It can be very formative and exciting to work in an agency for example. Starting out in smaller organizations will give you more agility and autonomy, and may open doors to larger groups for the next stage of your career.

Le portrait

De sportive à businesswoman, il n’y a qu’un pas… ou une foulée ! Coach sportive, athlète de l’extrême, youtubeuse, auteure et maintenant cheffe d’entreprise : on ne compte plus les casquettes de Marine Leleu. La jeune femme originaire de Nantes a créé son « plus beau métier du monde ». Comprenez, celui de relever des défis sportifs (un peu) fous et de croquer la vie à pleines dents !

Updated 19 July 2022