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The world is facing profound technological, scientific, economic and social changes. In order to accompany these changes, it is essential to establish projects that are meaningful, sustainable, inclusive and equitable. OMNES Education has thus created the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow expert center to help young people become committed entrepreneurs.

Becoming an entrepreneur of tomorrow means setting up collective projects that carry values and are rich in meaning. The Entrepreneurs by OMNES Education expert center trains you and helps you become a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs by OMNES Education has 6 schools and numerous courses. The objective is to provide you with a rich baggage of skills and knowledge so that at the end of your studies, you will be able to create a project with high added value, innovative and that meets a real societal need.

The Programs

The OMNES Education Group and its schools offer you a wide range of training courses to become the entrepreneur of tomorrow!

Discover our campuses


The “City of Light”, a place where economic activity is strong, is the ideal place to start your entrepreneurial adventure. Paris is a city that offers multiple aids to create and develop a business. If you are tempted by entrepreneurship, Paris can be a real asset both during your studies in entrepreneurship and when you launch your project!


Bordeaux is a dynamic city with many events and meeting places. It is an ideal framework to exchange and create a network when you want to be an entrepreneur.

Moreover, Bordeaux offers an undeniable quality of life, which makes it one of the most attractive cities in France.


Located between the east and the south of France, Lyon shines by its economic dynamism. Its geographical location makes it ideal to try the adventure of entrepreneurship! Indeed, a large community of startups is present in Lyon, particularly in the H7, a space dedicated to entrepreneurs. This place, which brings together more than 500 entrepreneurs, has established itself as a true platform for French Tech. Immerse yourself in this environment and start your studies in Lyon!


Located a few hours from the major European cities, Barcelona offers an incomparable quality of life: climate, culture, cost of living, etc. This city is among the 30 best cities in the world to invest, Barcelona is conducive to the world of startups and open to new trends. Start your entrepreneurial studies in Barcelona before launching your project in the Barcelona market!

San Francisco

San Francisco, a dynamic city, is full of opportunities. With a pleasant living environment, San Francisco is the city that attracts more and more young talents. The city is known for being at the forefront of technological innovation and this is thanks to Silicon Valley, the heart of many startups and international companies.


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Our former students tell you about their career paths and their projects. Let our ambassadors inspire you!

Guide to Business

Find all the tips and advice from professionals and experts to undertake and try the adventure of entrepreneurship!

Updated 17 October 2022