An inseec msc&mba student wins the INSEEC U. 2021 eloquence competition

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The INSEEC U. Group’s eloquence competition is highly original and is open to all students in the group’s 16 schools and expert centers. It offers them the opportunity to practice a wide variety of public speaking techniques: speeches, jousting, improvisation, etc.

A unique competition

It is the only eloquence contest that is played throughout the territory since students from Lyon and Bordeaux also compete alongside their Parisian counterparts.

Whether they come from a school specialized in management (INSEEC, EBS Paris, ESCE or IUM), an engineering school(ECE) or a school of communication and design(Sup de Pub, Sup de Création, Crea Genève), they take up the challenges posed to them by the master of eloquence: Eric Cobast. French philosopher and academic, Professor of philosophy and modern literature, author of numerous books, Eric Cobast is the Director of the INSEEC U Academy of Eloquence. He also produces podcasts and conferences forINSEEC Grande École.

Beyond the entertaining nature of this competition, the students in the running develop their human and relational qualities and their ability to speak in public, all of which are “soft skills” that will serve them well in their careers.

An INSEEC student wins the eloquence contest

For its3rd edition, the contest has dedicated Lina KhorSI, INSEEC MSc&MBA student specialized in corporate finance in Lyon.

There were more than 35 candidates who took part in the 2021 INSEEC U eloquence contest. After a selection of 14 semi-finalists, the jury finally retained 7 finalists:

  • Estelle AUTREAU and Arthur CASIMIRO from Sup de Pub
  • Maeva BASSALANG and Bérénice DEVOS from INSEEC Bachelor
  • Alice ITH of INSEEC Grande École
  • Emma PALIN from ECE

Evaluated on the five criteria of Eloquence: Memory, Elocution, Invention, Composition and Action, the 7 candidates met on June 18 for the grand finale, in front of a prestigious jury composed of :

Christine Albanel à propos du Concours d’éloquence INSEEC U.

At the end of this final where each candidate had to present an indictment as well as an improvisation on a quotation from Seneca, Lina KHORSI fromINSEEC MSc&MBA in Lyon was designated the winner of this3rd edition of the INSEEC U. eloquence contest. For her indictment, Lina had chosen the following theme: “The praise of the suburbs”.

Congratulations to all the applicants, all the finalists who won awards, and especially to Lina KHORSI who is pursuing a career in corporate finance. Finally, thank you to Eric Cobast for piloting this annual competition, which is greatly appreciated by the students.

Vidéo de la finale du concours d’éloquence INSEEC U. 2021

Updated 31 January 2022