Bruno Cazenave’s new book: the management of NGOs

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The importance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in political life, international relations and the economy is well known. However, the literature crossing the theme of NGOs and management is still largely untapped.

The central argument of this book is that these two academic fields have much to offer each other: management sciences have something to say about NGOs, but also something to learn from them.

This book, co-authored by Bruno Cazenave, Emmanuelle Garbet and Jérémy Morales, offers a description of the management practices specific to the world of NGOs and provides an overview of interest to anyone wishing to know more about how these “strange organizations” are managed.

Bruno Cazenave is a teacher-researcher at INSEEC U.’s interdisciplinary research center, where his work focuses on “Societal Transitions and Emerging Behaviors”.

He is attached to the ESCE research center in the field of “Finance and Economy in the Age of International Change”.

Updated 31 January 2022