Conference of the Minister of Foreign Trade, Franck Riester, at ESCE

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Franck RIESTER, the French Minister of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, visited the ESCE campus, part of the INSEEC U. management school, on March 5.

This was an opportunity to visit the group’s premises located near the Eiffel Tower and to meet the teams, before giving a lecture to the final year students on the theme of recovery through export.

The visit began with the school’s Career Center, a focal point for graduate employability.

In talking with students and alumni, the Minister was able to see the excellence and professional effectiveness of the training provided to students. In particular, it allows them to carry out missions abroad, notably within the framework of the VIE (volontariat international en entreprise).

Environ dix élèves de l’école effectuent chaque année un VIE à la fin de leurs études et 3 sur 5 sont employés ensuite par l’entreprise dans laquelle ils l’ont réalisé 

Sylvie Vignes

Directrice du Career Center de l’ESCE.

The Minister agreed: “Ihen you have an international background like yours, I am convinced that you have more opportunities. “.

The next part of the discussions took place in the school’s large amphitheater for a conference on exporting, in front of some thirty students and members of BPI France, the Medef and the Paris City Council.

Alongside Franck Reister, members of the management team of the INSEEC U. group and ESCE were present:

  • Mathias Emmerich, Executive President INSEEC U.
  • Sylvie Faucheux, Dean INSEEC U.
  • Christophe Boisseau, Director of ESCE
  • Caroline Bianchi, Director of the ESCE Faculty
  • Claude Obadia, Professor of International Business at ESCE

The Minister insisted on the importance of studying foreign languages: “When I ask foreign business leaders what France lacks to be even more present in their countries, they tell me: mastery of English. “

In response, an ESCE student gave her testimony: “I learned Mandarin here at ESCE. This is what allowed me to work for the Asian market: I now work for China Telecom”.

At ESCE, the majority of courses are taught in English and the school also offers the study of about twenty languages. This is a major advantage that sets it apart from other business schools and enables it to attract new students every year.

The day concluded with a time of informal exchanges between the students present and the Minister, who is sponsoring the school’s class of 2020.

Updated 31 January 2022