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Faced with the challenges posed by society – harassment, parity, equality, diversity – INSEEC U. is committed, with its employees and its 28,000 students, to an approach that aims to ensure cohesion, success and awareness around these issues. Today, the group is setting up a system to protect its students against all forms of discrimination by forming a partnership with the HUGO! association. – founded by Hugo Martinez, a student of INSEEC U. – already recognized at the national level. Its objective: to raise awareness and defuse any risky situation as soon as possible.

“Aware of its role in the face of such challenges, the INSEEC U. group has developed its policy and actions in terms of social responsibility in recent years, particularly through the creation in 2014 of a CSR department, a disability mission, a partnership with the incubator dedicated to social innovation La Ruche, support for women’s entrepreneurship, and thematic symposiums on societal changes… Today, it is a real It will allow us to better identify the problems related to school harassment and all forms of discrimination in order to provide targeted responses and appropriate follow-up.explains Sylvie Faucheux, Dean INSEEC U. and CSR Director of the group.

For Hugo Martinez (Sup de Pub alumnus and HEIP student), president of the association HUGO!, “It is important to prevent it rather than to cure it, but above all to rely on these awareness-raising sessions to provide tomorrow’s professionals with the tools to deal with this type of situation. It is important to prevent it rather than having to cure it, but above all to rely on these awareness campaigns to provide tomorrow’s future professionals with the tools to know how to act when faced with this type of situation.”

Hugo Martinez, president of HUGO!
Hugo Martinez, president of HUGO!

Hugo Martinez, president of HUGO!

A pilot phase in three schools of the group in 2021

A pilot is planned from March to December 2021 on the INSEEC U. campus. Paris – Eiffel 1 campus, bringing together ESCE International Business School, the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, HEIP, and the Grande école of communication and advertising creation, Sup de Pub.

This step will allow us to study the feasibility of the project, its impacts and the satisfaction of the schools involved with a view to the sustainability of this collaboration and its evolution. If this first step is successful, the project will be extended on a larger scale within the group.

The support of administrative and student relays

Relay persons will have the mission of contributing to the proper reporting of information and possible situations of discrimination or harassment. They will receive specific training and awareness sessions.

  • An “administrative liaison” person will be appointed in each school participating in the pilot, within the administrative teams. Each stakeholder will have access to an online learning pathway “School Harassment”, accessible 24/7 and will participate in a half-day of training on the premises (or remotely or in a hybrid format, depending on the health conditions in force) of the INSEEC U campus. Paris – Eiffel 1 campus.
  • A “Student Relay” person will be appointed in each specialty or sub-promotion of each year within the schools concerned, i.e. 115 “Student Relays”.

For the 2,200 Bachelor’s and 3,300 Master’s students: several face-to-face or videoconference sessions, in accordance with current health regulations (100 students per session), will be organized around harassment in all its forms (school harassment, cyber harassment, sexual harassment).
These sensitizations will take different forms: projection – debate, master class, …

Finally, a protocol for reporting and supporting victims will be built according to the protocol of the HUGO! association. A specific email address will be created to allow victims and witnesses to inform the different parties involved (HUGO! Association, relays within the different schools, health professionals).



Updated 31 January 2022