INSEEC U. renews its eco-gesture awareness campaign!

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INSEEC U. renews its eco-gesture awareness campaign! A 2021 campaign that takes place in 3 stages:

Action above all else

The inter-campus Clean Walks, driven by the ecological and solidarity-based impulse of our students, took place in April: a fine demonstration of their resilience during a pandemic.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Because awareness of eco-gestures also involves calculating one’s carbon footprint, INSEEC U. proposes to use the open-data tools of theAdeme in order to simulate our actions and to discover alternatives within the framework of an eco-citizen approach, in particular in the fields of Transport or Teleworking:

To go further

An awareness of good practices is relayed to all INSEEC U. actors. : guide, display, video of key actions to adopt, in French and English versions, for a more responsible, federative and sustainable daily life, targeting a few major areas of importance: energy, water, paper, purchasing, selective sorting, digital and transportation.
Let’s turn our ambitions into initiatives that materialize and make sense to co-construct a more sustainable environment!

Updated 31 January 2022