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The transformation of professions and the use of new technologies in production, communication and management tools, called “e-transformation”, imply a revolution in management methods and have an impact on all companies. Thus, jobs in the digital and data world have multiplied and the job market offers many opportunities.

A sector that recruits

Digital and data are very dynamic sectors in terms of recruitment.

The development of the Internet has completely revolutionized our lives and the activities of companies, hence the strong expansion of jobs in the digital field. The sector is moving very fast and new professions are emerging as new technologies are born and old ones evolve.

The world of data is also a sector of the future. Indeed, this sector is very popular with company management, who see data as an essential element and a real opportunity for the company’s growth. With the arrival and development of data, traditional data management tools were quickly made obsolete and gave way to new processes.

Business Professions

There are many business careers in the digital and data sector and they can take different directions: marketing, communication, sales…

Discover here some examples of digital & data business professions:

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Technical professions

Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Cloud Architect, Data Scientist etc…

So many new jobs that combine tech and digital & data.

What is being a developer? >

The Artistic Professions

Artistic jobs in the digital world are more and more numerous and the opportunities are growing.

To inspire you and give you ideas for your future career, discover the job of Game Designer in the world of
video games !

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A wide range of professions

Frédéric Krantz, Responsable Data Engineer à la Société Générale

Découvrez quelques idées de métiers liés au digital et à la data au sein de la Société Générale, présenté par un professionnel

Updated 19 September 2022