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Are you passionate about video games? Do you have excellent interpersonal skills? Are you comfortable with new technologies and computer language? Do you like working in a team?

Then maybe the job of Developer in the gaming world is for you!

What is a Developer for video games?

The Developer gives life to the video game, and is in constant contact with the production teams.

He has a strong interest in computers and is responsible for writing the lines of code to bring to life the scenarios imagined by the designers.

The Developer is the guarantor of the proper functioning of the video game, he is in charge of the computer architecture of the game.

What is its role, its missions & its daily life?

On a daily basis, the Developer translates all the specifications related to the video game into code and integrates them. His role is to optimize the game, he detects possible errors and corrects them.


The game developer has a key role in the design of the game.


He works mainly in a production studio.


His mission is to translate into code all the elements of the game by referring to the specifications.


The developer programs the game interfaces, actions, tools, menus etc.

He is involved throughout the process, unlike his colleagues who are graphic designers, scriptwriters, game designers or level designers, etc.

What are the qualities required to become a developer?

To become a developer in the world of video games, several qualities are essential, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Enjoy teamwork, the Developer works in constant collaboration with the creative and technical teams, it is therefore essential to have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Have a strong interest in computers and computer language
  • Being a real gaming enthusiast
  • Be rigorous and know how to meet deadlines
  • Be comfortable with English as most computer languages are designed in English

What are the different paths within OMNES Education?

The Developer courses are mainly given atECE, the engineering school of the Group. ECE offers a Bachelor degree which is accessible after the baccalaureate and takes place over 3 years. During the3rd year, our students have the possibility to choose a specialization (a Web & Mobile Development specialization; a Digital Business & Data specialization and a more Cybersecurity Network specialization).

Digital & Data by OMNES Education also offers a Grande Ecole engineering program. This is a 5-year course, at the end of which the student will have an engineering degree. For the past two years, this program has offered a major that can be applied to the gaming world: information systems and cybersecurity.

Updated 19 September 2022