Job Focus: Marketing Manager

Discover the job of Marketing Manager in the world of gaming as well as the different possible paths to this job, to give you ideas for your orientation and your future career.

What is a Marketing Manager in video games?

A Marketing Manager, also known as Marketing Manager, Marketing Officer, Marketing Research Manager or Marketing Project Manager, is responsible for promoting a new video game. He or she is involved from the conception of the strategy to its operational implementation. It is at the heart of the promotion cycle of a new game. His or her role is central because he or she must have a thorough knowledge of his or her market, customer needs and competitors. He conducts market research to define the strategy, analyzes the results and manages the budgets.

What is its role, its missions & its daily life?

Myriam Mecknaci is at the center of the promotion of the video game Battlefield, based in Stockholm, she tells us about her role and her daily life as Marketing Manager at Electronic Arts.

According to Myriam, being a Marketing Manager is :


Manage the video game campaign and work ahead of the game’s release. She works with several international teams and ensures that the strategy for the promotional campaign reaches the maximum number of gamers and is as effective as possible. She ensures the execution of the strategy on all distribution channels: social networks, website, retail stores, press relations.


Work on the strategy and put in place a whole reflection on the market, the needs, the competition etc. so that the game is seen and loved by consumers, the gamers.

What are the qualities required to become a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager must be curious, he must be on the lookout for the latest gaming and digital news. It is essential that they are passionate about the world of video games in order to understand the mechanics of this very particular sector.

It must also be flexible. The video game industry is evolving very quickly, the challenges are numerous and the evolutions constant. It is therefore necessary to adapt to all situations.

Finally, a Marketing Manager must also have a business and commercial appetence, and this with a digital appetence.

What are the different paths within OMNES Education?

At OMNES Education Group, we offer courses in marketing, marketing-communication or digital that give access to the profession of Marketing Manager in the gaming sector.

Some examples of training courses BAC + 3, BAC + 4 :

  • INSEEC offers a 4-year BBA program specializing in digital marketing and communication
  • The IUM offers the Bachelor Digital Business Development
  • ESCE, the school for international careers, offers a Bachelor’s degree in digital marketing

Some examples of training courses leading to a BAC + 5 :

Updated 19 September 2022