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Do you have a commercial bent? Do you like to work with people and does management speak to you? Do you like challenges and numbers? And to top it all off you are a great fan of the luxury sector? Then the job of Sales Manager in the luxury industry is for you!

What is a Sales Manager in the luxury industry?

The Sales Manager, also known as Sales Manager or Sales Director, is the person in charge of sales development. He/she establishes the commercial strategy for a range of products or services in a given geographical area and/or with a specific clientele. His challenge is to boost the company’s turnover.

What is its role, its missions & its daily life?

The Sales Manager works in collaboration with a team of sales representatives and salespeople and is responsible for their management and training. The missions of the Sales Manager can be very varied.
Its main objective is to develop its commercial strategy. To do this, he defines the sales pitch, sets the objectives of the sales representatives, establishes the budget and the positioning of the products on the market, etc.
The Sales Manager is also responsible for analyzing and reporting on the performance of his teams.
According to Carole Massé, Sales Manager for Hermès, a large part of a Sales Manager’s job is customer management, including CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) management. It’s not just a simple meeting with the customer in the store, but it’s also a preparation, an anticipation and a knowledge of the customer to be able to be a force of proposal and to answer the needs and expectations of the customers.

What are the qualities and skills required to become a Sales Manager?

The job of Sales Manager requires several skills and know-how, here are some of them:

  • Be organized and rigorous
  • Love to analyze, love numbers
  • Have the ability to listen
  • Enjoy human contact and know how to manage

What are the different paths within OMNES Education?

Within the OMNES Education Group, we have business schools that can train you for this profession. These business schools will provide you with all the basics in commercial sales applied to the world of luxury. This is particularly true of INSEEC, the International University of Monaco, CREA and ESCE.

Communication schools such as Sup de Pub also offer communication-marketing oriented courses for the luxury industry.

Updated 19 September 2022