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Are you passionate about the world of luxury? Is fashion week for you an event not to be missed? Are you up to date on the latest trends? Discover OMNES Education’s programs in the field of luxury and turn your passion into a real profession.

The jobs at the end of our programs?

Our Bachelor’s programs train you to work in luxury boutiques and flagships. Our Master programs allow you to specialize in a sector such as cosmetics, jewelry, hospitality, design, art...

The objective of our programs dedicated to luxury is to provide you with a rich background in business, management, culture and emotions for the luxury industry. Among our programs, OMNES Education offers you Bachelor’s degree programs or MSc & MBA programs. Our various programs are offered on several campuses in France but also internationally, notably in Monaco and Geneva.

Luxury programs in our schools:

A sponsor and a pole director at your service!

Ronan Le mestre international director ladurée


Ronan LE MESTRE, International Director of La Maison Ladurée

Ronan is an alumni of INSEEC (BBA program in English) who has been passionate about the world of luxury, and more particularly luxury gastronomy, for a very long time. He began by becoming the scientific director of the MSc MBA Luxury, and today agrees to go even further in order to teach today’s and tomorrow’s students the codes of luxury, and to invite them to ask themselves the right questions before launching themselves.

claire souvigne director inseec msc mba bachelor paris

of the

Claire Souvigné, Director INSEEC Bachelor and Msc&MBA Paris

After working in large companies in internal and external communications, Claire is now in charge of the Luxury Division and is dedicated to helping students make a career in this sector, which is a true vocation for those who aspire to grow.

Claire was not initially passionate about luxury, however, it is in the high standards and know-how that she finds all her meaning.

Our students are inspiring! What if tomorrow was you?

Pitch 1_Jennifer Llaga _ (2) copie
Jennyfer NLOGA, 23 ansmémoire et projet professionnel sur le luxe en Afrique

Dans le cadre de ses études au BBA INSEEC à Lyon, Jennyfer a consacré son mémoire de fin d’études à l’implantation des marques de luxe en Afrique.

Originaire du Cameroun et d’Egypte, elle apprend énormément lors de ce mémoire, interviewe de nombreuses personnes du secteur, et affine son projet professionnel : devenir business developer pour les marques de luxe occidentales sur le continent africain, “nouvel eldorado du luxe” selon notre parrain Ronan Le Mestre ! Le premier pays qu’elle conseillerait ? Le Nigéria ! Jennyfer poursuit ses études en MSc&MBA toujours à l’INSEEC, en Fashion marketing design et brand strategy.

Pitch 2_Louis Le Goff _ (2) copie
Louis LE GOFF, 21 ansprojet de conciergerie de luxe dans une entreprise d’immobilier de prestige

Étudiant en Bachelor à l’INSEEC Paris, puis désormais en MSc&MBA Luxe toujours à l’INSEEC, Louis a démarré à la chambre syndicale de la haute couture parisienne, puis est passé chez Zadig&Voltaire, puis dans l’immobilier de prestige, mais aussi en haute joaillerie place Vendôme. Il est actuellement chez Christian Dior Couture.

Lors de son expérience en immobilier de prestige, il a pu développer de A à Z une nouvelle activité de conciergerie de luxe, sur sa propre initiative. L’agence concernée poursuit le service aujourd’hui. Son job de rêve ? Devenir DG de la maison Christian Dior !

Tips from the pros for working in luxury!

Enter the luxury boutiques

Often you may be impressed and not dare to go to Avenue Montaigne or luxury stores. However, you will learn a lot! Ask the saleswomen questions about the products, about their job, soak up the atmosphere, observe.

Follow Instagram influencers

Some examples:
– Chiara Ferragni, a must-have influencer (who also did a collaboration with the house of Ladurée),
– Some Korean influencers, very fashionable today,
– Lena Situations, an inspiring and daring young lady who dared to push doors with great aplomb,
– Fashion designers such as Olivier Roustaing from Balmain, or Inès de la Fressange.

Follow the houses that interest you on social networks

They share a lot of content on their backstage, or portraits of people working there: in addition to being exciting, these contents will allow you to confirm or refute your ideas and discover the jobs and the universe of these brands.

Dare to go for a coffee at the Ritz!

A more substantial budget, but you will learn a lot by observing the codes of luxury on the ground!

Follow the news of the sector

You don’t need to know all the designers by heart, but rather to be interested in the ones that are most in the news. For example, the arrival of the new designer at Chloe led to a complete cleanup of the brand’s digital strategy, and its Instagram account. Two sites to follow the trends and news of luxury and fashion:

Journal du Luxe
Business of Fashion

Be comfortable in English

The Pôle Expert Luxury OMNES Education offers you courses in English, not for nothing! Luxury is an international industry, English is the language commonly spoken in most houses, even when you work in France. Of course, mastering an additional language such as Russian, Chinese or Spanish is a plus.
Updated 21 February 2022