What professions are recruiting in the wine and spirits sector?

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In the wine and spirits sector, the jobs that are recruiting are :

  • the production business ;
  • the trade ;
  • the expertise of the sommelier and the craft of the cooper.

Wine and spirits represent a sector in its own right in France. Although most of the time we only see them ready to be served, it is essential to know that from manufacturing, to selling and consuming, various trades are involved.

As part of the French heritage, wine and spirits can no longer be considered as a simple beverage. In fact, they are the second largest export sector and represent a whole profession. Passionate about wine, you want to invest in this field to make a profession? The following article will orient you towards the different jobs that are recruiting in this sector.

The wine and spirits sector: in what areas are they involved?

When we refer to wine, several equally interesting areas come to mind. The list below gathers the most reputable sectors.

the production sector

Among the long process of wine and spirits, the production process is the most important. Indeed, it is the technique of wine making, from the cultivation of the grapes to the vinification in the cellar. It is in this area that the technicians intervene to ensure the cultivation and maintenance of the grapes.

After the work in the fields and the vinification, the production continues with the bottling. Then, the maintenance and the management of the cellar also integrate the field of the production. Before taking the next step, product quality verification and packaging development are also carried out.

the business/commerce sector

It is obvious that the wine and spirits sector is also about trade. Equally important is the sales technique to be developed for marketing the product. Indeed, many people are involved to ensure its success. This is what ensures the increase and flow of sales for a given wine.

The sommelier expertise and cooper craftsmanship sector

Apart from the production and marketing of wine and spirits, many other areas are involved in their development and production. This is where the experts in the preparation of wooden barrels for wine maturation and food pairing come in.

What courses should I take to become an expert in the wine and spirits industry?

For those who want to specialize, the training courses and diplomas, ranging from the baccalaureate level to a baccalaureate +5 and related to the agricultural field, guarantee professional success. The ones below contain a technical and professional aspect of the field.

BTS wine-growing and wine science

It is a course of study that is part of the agricultural field. For two years of study, students learn more about the culture and management of the wine business. Practical and theoretical courses are exposed to the students, in order to enable them to become a capable and independent vineyard professional in the analysis, management, transformation and marketing of the wine production.

The professional bachelor’s degree in vine and wine professions

This is a diploma to be prepared one year after the BTS which allows one to specialize in the field of wine and spirits. But that’s not all, because the curriculum will depend on what you really want to master. Indeed, there is also a degree in viticulture and oenology, as well as in marketing and international trade of wines.

Bachelor in Wine and Spirits

INSEEC, one of the management schools of the OMNES Education Group, offers a 3-year program, accessible after the baccalaureate. The Bachelor’s degree in wine and spirits provides a first approach in the field and gives the essential bases in marketing, sales, management and management dedicated to the wine industry.

Master in wine-growing and wine science

It is a course that serves as a deepening of the previous degrees. It allows you to succeed in your professional orientation and the implementation of a successful career.

What professions are recruiting in the wine and spirits sector?

The world of wine and spirits requires the cohesion of different collaborators who each know the purpose of their functions. We will see an overview of the professions created by this sector.

crop master

It is the most known profession when the subject of wine is discussed. It is an agricultural craftsman who is specified by the diversity of his job. Indeed, he has a share of responsibility in all the stages of the viticultural activity.

The oenologist

Oenology is defined as the science that studies wine. The expert in this field is then called oenologist. Its mission is to make known and analyze the quality of a wine.


The sommelier knows the identity of each bottle he opens: this includes the name, the year of manufacture, the appropriate glass, etc. He works directly with clients. He has a great capacity of communication, must be presentable and also plays the role of negotiator.

Wine salesman

This is the ideal job for those who are passionate about wine and spirits and who have had commercial training. The sales representative is in charge of selling or buying bottles on behalf of the company he represents. Usually, it is a wholesaler or a large company. The wine salesman also deals with the prospecting of customers, the negotiation, the sale, as well as the signature of contract with the latter.

wine merchant

He is an entrepreneur who takes care of the smooth running of his store. It performs various tasks such as accounting and human resources management. The wine merchant chooses the bottles to be presented, directs the customers and finalizes the sale.

The vine and wine lawyer

Having completed specialized studies, his job is to intervene in case of litigation, to label the product and protect it legally.


Updated 1 June 2023