What jobs are available in the sports sector?

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In the field of sports, the biggest opportunities are in :

  • high performance sport ;
  • sports education;
  • specialized trades by discipline ;
  • trades in related fields.

If you are a sports fan and/or a sportsman yourself, it is possible to work in this field and make it your profession. All the more so as the sector’s professions are increasingly recruiting nowadays.

Gone are the days when sport had few opportunities. Nowadays, it is a promoted sector that implies expertise as well as passion, and around which a large number of new professions have been created. Obviously, they are recruiting, but it is important to know more about the field, especially in terms of training and offers available to excel and develop fully. That is the purpose of this article.

What are all the areas covered by the sports sector?

Practically all the sports that exist today allow its practitioners to become professional athletes and the best ones will be able to engage in high level sport and live from it until their retirement. That said, this area is not just for athletes. Normally, each discipline has a federation that uses professionals at all levels to organize, manage and develop its activity.

L’éducation sportive

Working in sports education usually allows you to enter the public service by becoming a sports educator in public institutions. However, this does not preclude qualified individuals from engaging in private practice.


When you master a sport or are particularly gifted in one or more sports activities, there is nothing to stop you from offering coaching services. The opportunities are very varied depending on the activity.

La médecine sportive

Sports medicine encompasses many other professions in addition to the physician. Nutritionists, physiotherapists and many other professions are in great demand today to ensure the health and well-being of athletes.

Les médias

It is important to remember that you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy sports and that many fans like to follow the different events that take place, if only for entertainment. That’s where the media comes in, whether it’s radio, TV, social networks etc., and there are many of them recruiting.

Le marketing

Marketing is a multi-faceted industry that touches virtually every field, including sports. We can mention in particular the sports stores that offer all kinds of products for athletes, whatever their discipline. It goes without saying that this activity creates many jobs that are categorized among the sports professions.


We don’t always think about it, but event management is an integral part of the sports sector insofar as sports meetings and events must be organized by professionals to take place in an orderly and harmonious manner.

Working in the sports sector: what course of study and what training to get there?

The field of sports is very broad, creating professions that are accessible to many profiles without necessarily requiring a bachelor’s degree at least. For the most important ones, here are the training courses to follow in schools to increase the chances of entering the sector.

Les balises du sport de haut niveau

Many athletes are identified at an early age and trained to become excellent athletes in parallel with their education. To ensure their careers, guidelines are then created through the provision of school sports sections at the level of colleges and high schools, the “pôles Espoirs” or training centers offered by sports clubs.

Les brevets et diplômes d’État

In order to make the sports professions more accessible, the State provides forcertificates and diplomas to support the candidates’ file. Among others, there is the CPJEPS which does not require any particular diploma and corresponds to a CAP level. For those with a bachelor’s degree, we can mention the BPJEPS and, respectively, the DEJEPS and DESJEPS, corresponding to a bachelor’s degree +2 and bachelor’s degree +3.

Les STAPS ou Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives

When you want to become a professional in the sports sector, the STAPS program is one of the first choices for many young graduates. It offers a more versatile university education combining theory and practice with DEUST (2-year course), professional license (3-year course) and master’s degrees (5-year course).

Les autres titres et certificats

In the sports sector, there are TFP or Titres à Finalité Professionnelle awarded by the different federations to those they consider deserving. Training courses of a few months to a few weeks can also occasionally offer participants CQP or Certificates of Professional Qualification.

Les cursus sport d’OMNES Education

INSEEC and the International University of Monaco INSEEC International University of Monaco, 2 schools of the OMNES Education Group, offers you 3 sectorial specializations in the world of sports:

  • Marketing & Sports Events,
  • Trade, distribution and retail of sports equipment
  • Governance of sport and sport organizations.

Which jobs are recruiting in the sports sector?

Among the many jobs that are recruiting in the sports sector, here are the most fashionable of the moment.

Éducateur sportif

Even with the emergence of numerous professions that revolve around sports, that of sports educator remains the most popular and accessible since it recruits at all times in both public and private institutions.

Entraîneur sportif

To become a sports trainer requires, for the professional, to master the discipline in which he works, but also all the most effective training programs to train his team. In addition to that, he must also be familiar with the various injuries that his discipline is likely to cause to his athletes, in order to avoid or treat them.

Coach privé

Private coaching is a natural fit for entrepreneurship. In order to be successful, the coach will have to know his field well in order to retain his clients by optimizing the results.

Journaliste sportif

In general, the sports journalist will have a background in journalism or communications, but he or she will also need to have a good knowledge of the field of sports in order to excel in his or her work.

Guide et/ou moniteur pour une activité sportive

Some sports activities are more delicate in the sense that their practice often requires more preparation and assistance, especially for beginners. It is for this purpose that the profession of high mountain guide exists today, for example, or sports instructor in any other field.


Updated 5 July 2022