What professions are recruiting in the luxury sector?

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The professions that are recruiting in the luxury sector are :

  • the fashion industry;
  • arts and crafts ;
  • the cosmetic and perfumery professions;
  • Sales, marketing and management.

The luxury professions are very varied, but contrary to what one might think, they remain accessible to any well-informed, motivated person who wishes to succeed in the field. All the more so since, at present, many professions are recruiting in the luxury sector.

The luxury sector is still unknown to many, especially when it comes to breaking into a profession, or knowing what course of study to follow to get there. Lately, a lot of recruiting is going on in the field. To find out which ones, read this article and discover all the possibilities to access them, from the available training courses to the jobs that recruit the most.

The luxury sector: what areas does it encompass?

When we talk about luxury professions, several fields are directly related to it, and here is the list of the most important ones.

Le secteur de la mode

France has always been known as the fashion capital of the world: “Paris”. It is famous for the numerous fashion weeks that are organized there, during which all the major brands of clothing, accessories and many other handicrafts are proud to present their collections. It is no surprise then that many talented people want to work and train in the fashion industry to excel. This universe being very broad, the jobs which are related to it are also numerous and touch in particular the leather goods, the shoe industry, the jewelry, the high fashion, the hat industry, the clock industry and many others.

Le domaine de l’art

Many luxury professions revolve around the field of art, which is also very vast. It touches all sectors from jewelry to gastronomy and culinary arts. The key is to become a master in your discipline and to practice it with rigor and expertise, but above all with the necessary class. The image of luxury that an establishment projects, for example, requires it to maintain and preserve excellence, hence a strict choice of personnel and materials used for service. Tableware also represents a whole sector that involves a huge turnover in the world of luxury, where ceramics, porcelain and silverware are designed and selected with the utmost care for privileged personalities, and it takes professionals in the trade to achieve this.

Le secteur du cosmétique et de la parfumerie

The luxury industry also includes the large perfume and cosmetics companies that offer exceptional products to their customers. They are required to maintain the quality of their products and to be particularly strategic in the implementation of their marketing processes in order to maintain their place at the international level where the competition is tough.

Le domaine de la vente, du marketing et du management

In the world of luxury, many players are involved in sales, marketing and management. Just like the competition between brands, the competition between manufacturers and luxury companies is particularly fierce. Professionals in the field will have to stand out by using the right techniques and strategies to ensure their visibility on a global scale.

What courses and training should I follow to enter the luxury industry?

Unless you are particularly talented at detecting exactly what consumers want from the luxury industry, entering the luxury business requires a good knowledge of the field. To do this, one can follow the following courses or training.

Un BTS luxe

As for all BTS, the one in luxury is obtained after 2 years of continuous training at a school, a university or an institution specialized in the field. If young graduates have a more concrete idea of the sector they want to work in, they can choose a BTS that is specialized in it. Among others, they can enroll in a BTS in hotel and restaurant management, a BTS in fashion design, a BTS in textile production, etc.

Une Licence luxe

The Bachelor’s degree is generally obtained in 3 years. It can be started after a BTS in luxury or any other related field. It also offers many specializations including hotel management, gastronomy, the pro business and/or marketing license and the pro wine and spirits license.

INSEEC, one of the management schools of the OMNES Education Group, offers a Bachelor ‘s degree dedicated to commercial activities in the luxury industry. This training provides all the necessary skills to master the codes of the sector as well as the methods and techniques of sales.

Un Master luxe

The Master’s degree in luxury is obtained in 5 or 6 years, depending on the university and the institution. The latter train those who will becomethe future leaders and managers of companies and major luxury houses. These are generally major schools of business, marketing and management with a specialization in luxury or a related field. Within the OMNES Education Group, 7 schools offer a specialization in the field of luxury (MSc or a Grande Ecole program): INSEEC, Sup de Pub, ESCE, EBS, CREA, International University of Monaco, IFG Executive Education. The luxury programs of these schools allow you to acquire specialized expertise in the marketing, communication and management of luxury brands. They will also allow you, if you wish, to train on a specific branch such as art, cosmetics, wine or spirits.

Une formation professionnelle luxe 

In order to enter a luxury profession, it is also possible to do a professional luxury training course at the end of which a certificate will be issued. It can be a CQP or Certificate of Professional Qualification, or a CAP or Certificate of Professional Aptitude.

Une formation en langues étrangères

As luxury products are offered and sold on an international scale, the luxury industry requires the ability to speak several languages to facilitate communication with customers and employees. The idea is to be at least bilingual in French and English and then add one or more other foreign languages such as Mandarin or Russian.

What professions are recruiting in the luxury sector?

The luxury industry needs many professionals who know how to do their job and who know their trade. Among the different professions it creates, here are the ones that are recruiting the most.

Le responsable marketing

The marketing manager will be responsible for managing and developing the overall strategy to run the luxury business. He will also advise the marketing director.

Le brand manager

Everything that concerns the development of the brand will be the responsibility of the brand manager, who must have been trained in marketing and communication, but also in foreign languages.

Le chef de produit

The product manager will be in charge of following the product from its conception to its marketing, which is very important in the luxury sector.

Le manager réseau

It will be the role of the network manager to ensure that the high-end products offered find their place in the various markets and luxury boutiques.

Le visuel merchandiser

The job of visual merchandiser is relatively recent and consists of highlighting a particular product in a luxury boutique.


Updated 5 July 2022