About the Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies

Our Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) provides continuing education for career diplomats, consular officers and senior executives in the private sector. Continuing education to update and deepen their knowledge in the field of international relations.

The CEDS also aims to train decision-makers in relation to the foreign relations of their country or firm, and to contribute to thedevelopment of knowledge in France and internationally.

Our teaching is distinguished by the quality of our speakers and teachers. Indeed, the members of our teaching staff are high-level personalities, both French and international, from various backgrounds (diplomatic, military…). Our programs are also punctuated by conferences and workshops throughout the year.

Discovering our different courses

We offer two types of programs:

  • Degree programs, with a choice of MASTER or PhD programs in International relations.
  • Certification programs with four different specializations.

Our openness to the world and our prestigious partners

Since the creation of the institution 32 years ago, the CEDS has not ceased to develop its actions on the national and international levels. Partnerships and agreements have been set up.

Updated 29 August 2022