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Founded in 2017, DataScientest, is the leader in training for tech professions; Data, Development and Cybersecurity; in Europe.

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With our passionate team, DataScientest supports hundreds of learners every day in their professional development. Our philosophy is to promote education, innovation and entrepreneurship in all our courses. DataScientest’s aim is to give as many people as possible access to technology jobs, by providing a comprehensive learning experience that meets the technology skills needs of today and tomorrow.

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DataScientest is a training organization specialized in the Tech professions, working with 500 companies, including 30 of the CAC 40. Our training courses are certified by MINES Paris Executive Education in France and by La Sorbonne University internationally. We are also official partners of AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. We offer bootcamp, continuing education and work-study programs in three areas: Data, Cybersecurity and DevOps.

Since 2017, DataScientest has trained over 8,000 alumni in Tech professions thanks to our team of 50 highly qualified lecturers. Our success is based on courses combining synchronous and asynchronous coaching, resulting in a completion rate of over 98%. Our training courses take place within an ecosystem comprising a 100% online programming environment made possible by a cutting-edge technological platform, business-oriented projects and personalized human support for all learners.

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At the start of 2023, DataScientest joins the OMNES Education Group, a private multidisciplinary higher education and research institution. With this cooperation, the joint objective is to develop a full range of online and work-study programs on Tech themes, drawing on both DataScientest’s pedagogical and technological expertise and the know-how of OMNES Education’s schools, notablyECE.

DST training courses


Our Data Science courses open up a wide range of possibilities in areas such as Big Data, Deep Learning and Data Visualization.
As the skills required for each of the key data roles are different, we have decided to build our courses around specific professions such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer and others.


Always in tune with the demands of the job market, DataScientest offers training in IT development to teach our learners the DevOps skills most in demand in companies.
The DevOps course teaches how to set up and optimize software development and deployment processes. It promotes close collaboration between dev and operations teams to ensure efficient, rapid and reliable delivery of software products.


In this area of training, our students acquire the fundamentals of cybersecurity. They are trained in attack and defense strategies, as well as cyber crisis management. An attack simulator gives them the opportunity to practice their skills in real-life conditions.

Updated 28 June 2024