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About our Graduate School of International and Political Studies (HEIP)

Our Graduate School of International and Political Studies (HEIP) has the mission of training students in the fields of political science and international relations.

HEIP stands out for its high quality teaching and faculty. Indeed, lawyers, economists, geographers, demographers, historians and journalists are involved in our various programmes.

An international network that allows students to do part of their studies abroad.

The different HEIP programs

HEIP offers you the opportunity to enter the school either through a Bachelor’s or a Master’s cycle. Find out more about these two courses.

Le cycle Bachelor

The Bachelor’s program is a 3-year cycle.
It aims to train young people in all political and international disciplines. The objective is for our students to have an understanding of the challenges of today’s world.
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Le cycle Master

A Master’s degree allows students to specialize and acquire the necessary background for a future professional career.
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The Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are punctuated by lectures, small group work and internships.

All our lecturers are professionals in their field, which allows our students to learn with the realities of the market.

The admission procedures are different depending on the program chosen.

The international openness is at the heart of HEIP’s teaching

We offer our students the opportunity to follow our courses or to do internships abroad.

In order to meet the international needs of our students, we have a whole network of partner universities, and this network is constantly growing. To find out more about our partner universities

Updated 16 September 2022