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With their green environment between lakes and mountains, their festive events and their multicultural and international side, Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains are excellent places to study.

Discover OMNES Education’s campus in Chambéry, in the heart of the Savoie region.

In summary

  • Chambéry is a city marked by an exceptional environment, between lakes and mountains, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region.
  • Aix-les-Bains is a spa town, with beaches that give access to the lake, and many sports facilities
  • Chambéry is also an international city, close to Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
  • It is a pleasant place to live with festive events throughout the year.

Focus on our Savoie campus

In the heart of Savoie, the OMNES Education campus of 5,000 m² offers its Bachelor and MSc INSEECstudentsa nice lobby where students can meet, modern classrooms, a Cohub, which is the campus coworking space, multiple work spaces, an amphitheatre for conferences and events, a Data room, offices dedicated to student associations, a summer kiosk ideal for barbecues, outdoor facilities for lunch, a beach volleyball court, ping-pong tables, and a cafeteria-restaurant.

Savoie’s international outlook allows the students of OMNES Education, a reference for regional companies in the heart of Savoie Technolac, to build a solid network and add an undeniable plus to their CV.

At our Savoyard campus, discover our classroom of the future, a classroom equipped with a giant interactive screen. Our classroom of the future is a new pedagogical innovation, to learn in a more playful and interactive way.

Why study in Savoie?

With its exceptional environment between lakes and mountains, Chambéry stands out from the other cities of France, it is a great place to live. Its location is ideal: indeed, several lakes surround Chambéry, including the largest lake in France, Lake Bourget. For mountain lovers, regional parks and a national park are not far from Chambéry and the town is only 1 hour from the ski resorts. Aix-les-Bains is a city of water, a spa town, with many beaches very popular with students. Numerous sports facilities and sports clubs allow everyone to find their happiness and to give their studies a sporting character.

Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains are also rich in festive events: concerts and festivals are organised by the city throughout the year, Musilac in July on the esplanade du Lac opposite the Lac du Bourget is a festival loved by young people.

Chambéry is also an international city. Every year, more than a thousand students pursue their higher education here. The city is thus a permanent cultural melting pot. This cultural melting pot is highlighted with the Tour du Monde au Manège, a moment of sharing between different cultures. An unmissable event that has been going on for 20 years.


Updated 17 March 2022