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The promise of OMNES Education is to guarantee its students/learners a demanding and qualitative training experience and a professional insertion that meets their expectations and projects, in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This strategic project is innovative and distinctive in its choice of relying on the “academic value”, which is made up of all the intellectual productions of its Faculty.


The academic value is constituted by 3 types of “intellectual productions”, each of which, in its own way, contributes to the global project of OMNES Education:

Scientific publications

Scientific publications in peer-reviewed academic journals with the objective of contributing to the advancement of knowledge. The references of these journals are national and international. Reference lists are selected by schools based on their disciplinary areas and strategy. These publications are intended to be published within OMNES Education. Research Center.

Contributions to corporate practice

Contributions to practice, which are all productions in line with the expectations of companies and, more broadly, the socio-economic world: texts to popularize knowledge, research within Chairs or with company funding, deliverables of all kinds (some with patent potential). These contributions are made by teachers of all statuses, with no obligation to produce.

Pedagogical innovations

Contributions to pedagogy, with the aim of maintaining a constant update of educational content, as well as contributing to the emergence of soft skills and transversal competencies.


OMNES Education’s ambition to develop research and intellectual production. is declined according to 4 axes:


in line with the expectations of companies and their new organizational configurations.

Multicultural and international

in the context of globalization and the digitalization of knowledge.

Outreach to the socio-economic community

with the concern of working on themes that interest them and for which they are ready to invest.

The irrigation of pedagogy

research is both a guarantee of constant and prospective updating of the knowledge taught, and a source of cross-disciplinary competencies and soft skills in the way it is implemented.
Updated 31 January 2022