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Recognized for the quality of its training and for the commitment of its students,OMNES Educationtrains young people who are curious, invested, and committed to doing well… and having a positive impact on the world.

We offer a unique model of higher education:multi-disciplinary, multi-campus, multi-level, multi-format, and multi-skill, with a focus on immediate and long-term employability.

Our Platform: NEMO

Access the work-study and internship offers that correspond to your professional project

Our coaching sessions

Prepare yourself for the job search and benefit from proven support

Job Dating, Forum & fairs

Participate in campus events to help you meet recruiters

We accompany you

Omnes Education’s multi-disciplinary and multi-campus education allows us to train curious and invested young people, ready to participate in the development of your company.

You can entrust our students with a tutored project, an internship assignment, a research case or a work-study contract: they will surprise you and honor your trust.

Each year, our partner companies welcome 11,000 work-study students and 15,000 interns.

Meet the companies

We invite you to participate in one of the many events we host on our campuses. These meetings allow you to establish a privileged relationship with our students and to develop the visibility of your employer brand.

Career days, conferences, workshops, trainings … there is no lack of opportunities!

The DREA orchestrates a personalized event, the job dating, during which you can meet the most suitable candidates for your recruitment needs.

We make a pre-selection of the profiles and choose with you the candidates to meet. We organize the logistics so you can focus on the interviews.

The right profile for the right company

Sourcing identifies specific profiles corresponding to a list of selection criteria for a given position.

Depending on your recruitment needs, we search for the most relevant profiles and present you with a selection of CVs.

In case the interviews are not conclusive, we propose other candidates until your recruitment needs are met.

Our matching service looks for the perfect match between your company’s needs and the students’ profiles.

Based on your recruitment request, our Artificial Intelligence tool searches the database of our students’ CVs to propose candidates that match your offer.

Updated 24 November 2022