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“Kindness has remained one of my great strengths at work.”

Alumnus | Sup Career Alternance
Program | Master Business Engineering
Graduated in 2015
City of residence | Paris

What made you progress as a student, and still does today?

The desire to succeed, and to show everyone what I was capable of. I had no choice but to engineer myself; I wanted to become someone and I think that, in my own way, I succeeded!

In the hustle and bustle of JLL real estate agency’s open space, the atmosphere sometimes resembles a Hollywood fresco: telephones vibrate in unison, while success and gain are celebrated with saber swipes that open magnums of champagne — “my colleagues call me the Norman, so, as a matter of tradition, when I close a contract, I like to offer my team a tasting of calvados from the family vintage!” In addition to maintaining his pugnacity in English boxing gyms and mercantile punch through the books of Anthony Robbins, when it comes to animating his clientele, Dorian draws from the precepts taught at Sup Career and from his father’s guidance as well. Because to put landlords in touch with future tenants — banks, law firms, start-ups and other unicorns — his job requires being flawlessly methodical and having skills that are uncommonly interpersonal: “My daily life is a lot of intuitu personae, and my father, who is a veteran in sales, always told me to go and see people directly in order to create special connections.” Before taking up his duties and making a name for himself among the four hundred and thirty employees who comprise the crew, the self-made man ventured paths that meandered. His parents, entrepreneurs and self-taught, urged him to earn his baccalaureate from the start, but after a year in the languages faculty, Dorian replied with a yearlong sabbatical despite their advice to the contrary — “we Dehays own up to our decisions.” His job as a waiter forged his character as much as the acute sense of customer relations that would be decisive for him, so Dorian embarked on a work-study program in the marketing department of the Deauville casino — “life in luxury could finally begin!” — that left an indelible mark: “I quadrupled my partnership returns. They wanted to keep me, but I wanted to continue my studies!”

is vocation thus confirmed, and wearing his “Viking ancestry” as a badge, the man from Rouen left his ship quayside to make Paris his own: his lively glibness, bonhomie, and wholeness were enough to make the City of Light a “conquered territory” — “my friends thought I was going to be swallowed whole when I landed here, and yet, kindness has remained one of my great strengths at work.” Since atypical profiles are more than welcome at Sup Career, Dorian was invited to an interview right after the exam — “when I started classes again, I still had a lot of work to do; I was making spelling mistakes in every sentence…” Hogging the front row in both lecture hall and class rankings, absorbed by the stories of speakers and business leaders, this diligent worker was nonetheless seduced by the perks of student life — “I also received top marks at partying!” And even if it meant combining business with pleasure, in the second year of his master’s degree, Dorian was elected president of the Students’ Union; prerogatives worthy of a real small company: “Things were really moving, it was an adventure within an adventure! We had built a great team, a brotherhood of about fifteen friends. When we meet up now, we still talk about those great times at school.” On the day of the graduation ceremony, they received a standing ovation as a pair: for his entire term of office, he earned congratulations in spades, while his future fiancée, the valedictorian, stood by his side for her excellent grades. Before catching the eye of the second leader in commercial real estate, Dorian discovered this world through internships and received job offers both small and great.

By learning the fundamentals of law, organization and customer loyalty — “Sup Career really allowed me to structure myself” — he recognizes that beyond having expended plenty of energy, the work-study program was a real opportunity: “There was a real bonus effect, because you are immediately plunged into the heat of battle. No sooner had I entered the job market than I already had significant experience. It is also for all these reasons that I am proud to say that I belong to this school.” If Dorian is thinking bigger, and plans to evolve by taking on management responsibilities in the future, he cannot deny himself the Sunday charms of a small brunch or a trip to Icelandic countries, or even deprive himself of a do-it-yourself escapade in the middle of the woods to renovate the country house he bought with his parents — perhaps the finest of all his investments.

Written portrait© Maison Trafalgar | Watercolor drawing © Maison Trafalgar & Camille Romanetto

Updated 18 October 2022