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As international project manager of creative content at Tissot, Sarah Hurter embodies the spirit of a legendary watchmaking brand. The motto “Innovators by tradition” resonates with her work. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, she draws her inspiration from a kaleidoscope of disciplines from fashion to music and from literature to architecture.

Beyond books

Sarah Hurter’s schooling was particularly wide-ranging and eclectic, partly because she was educated in the Swiss system, famed for its broad spectrum of learning.

It was at the Lycée Jean-Piaget, High School, with its all-round education, that she detected the first hints of her passion for marketing. Quite logically, she decided to broaden her skills by obtaining a certificate in marketing and communication at SAWI.

“When I’m into something, I give it my all. But I wasn’t what you would call a model student. My engagement clearly dependent on how interested I was in a given topic.”

The young woman is convinced that professional experience was invaluable in building a profile. In fact, she emphasizes the importance of understanding what work is really like. ” It’s critical for me to see what’s going on in real life,” she jokes.

It was the compulsory first-year internship that clinched her initial interest in CREA Genève which is where she duly went. At the end of her course at CREA, Sarah was in possession of a double degree, combining a CREA Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing and Communication, and a Sup de Pub Bachelor’s in Marketing and Communication.

Driven by her need to broaden her skills, Sarah recently landed an MBA focused on business, management, marketing and assistance services. From her point of view, the quest for knowledge is a permanent one:” In a résumé, practical experience needs to be delicately balanced with diploma titles.

Creative sparks

If you ask Sarah Hurter about her most memorable times at CREA, you’ll find they are often linked to travel. In year one, the class moved to London:

“The stay created unbreakable bonds among students from various parts of Romandy (French-speaking Switzerland), while at the same time expanding our social and professional network,” she notes.

Nor will she ever forget her second trip, in San Francisco. This period of discovery, way beyond geographic borders, enabled her to come across other ways of thinking in terms of success, failure, and also entrepreneurship.

“That’s when I understood that there isn’t a single measurement for success, and failure can be an opportunity for learning. The experience really broadened my outlook,” she remembers.

Looking back, another positive memory comes to mind: weekly presentations on specific themes. Although they were really intimidating back then, the sessions helped her to surpass herself, speak in public, and articulate ideas fluently.

“I’m now grateful for the sessions that shaped my ability to react quickly and meet challenges with confidence,” she highlights.

Born creative, Sarah was particularly impressed by the classes that sparked her curiosity in this area. Classes on website design and especially on the history of advertising left a mark, triggering particular interest in the evolution of advertising strategies.

Like clockwork

In 2016, equipped with her artistic and aesthetic sensibility, Sarah took her first steps in the world of work at 7sky, which is a publishing house, magazine and photo agency. She dealt with social media and writing articles.

“I realized that I was interested in social media and found them intuitive. Gradually, I became confident in my ability to play with words,” she reveals.

Later, a marketing internship at Diesel in Zürich felt like an obvious thing to do.

“I like to dress nicely, so that was a pretty natural choice. I was welcomed very warmly, the team was great, and my time there was a truly enriching experience.”

She then joined the RS Partner SA team, a head hunter agency for the watchmaking sector, who entrusted her to put into practice everything she had learned at CREA. That was probably the job that opened the way to Tissot, a luxury watchmaking company, where she started off as social media assistant in 2019.

“I started to miss the creative side in the social media department and I said as much. “At Tissot, if you’re particularly interested in something, opportunities can open up,” she says.

Which is why Sarah currently plays a key role in the development of international advertising campaigns for Tissot. As part of a five-person team, she manages every step from design to final presentation. A sociable young woman, she particularly enjoys working with a united team.

“It contributes to producing good work, together. And no project is the same as the previous one. The brand is very fluid. That suits me perfectly, because I’m not a routine sort of person,” she admits.

Serene progress

Sarah is a positive young woman who seeks equilibrium, compromising neither health nor happiness. Passionate about wellbeing, she has in fact acquired nutrition skills at the the TCMA school school and followed a health coach training program. She does what it takes to age in good shape and would like to share the learning she has benefited from In the future, she hopes to evolve and grow, with dreams of travel to explore various parts of the world.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I start from the premise that opportunities can be ”helped.” If you’re interested in something, go for it. It’s important to follow your instincts,” she insists.

As a determined and generous little girl, she once dreamed of working on the ground with Médecins Sans Frontières. Her engagement finally led her to work as volunteer at Powercoders, where she helped migrants to integrate in her country, fully aware that this is no mean feat when coming from abroad.

Sarah also gave her support to nonprofit Pro Juventute Arc Jurassien, where she was in charge of communication to raise funds for projects that promote equal opportunities. And it was a great pleasure for this music fan to broaden her volunteer experience by taking part in several Festi’neuch events, as well as in Tech Open Air, in a completely different genre.

Believing in your potential

Sarah believes that showing self-confidence is often the key to success: “If you’re here, at CREA, there’s a good reason for it. Make the most of learning from experienced professionals. Lecturers have solid expertise and are legitimate in their respective fields. Don’t hesitate to make contact with them because their experience is a precious source of inspiration and advice.”

Lastly, when thinking about what internships to do, Sarah advises students to vary experiences by choosing two different fields. By grasping all the opportunities that can be offered, you can enrich your journey and develop deep understanding of the field of study.

J’ai compris que la réussite ne se mesure pas toujours de la même manière, et qu’un échec peut être une opportunité d’apprentissage.


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Updated 2 February 2024