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Nos Étudiants

Our students are talented!


A mobile application that combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence for aquariums? This is the innovative project of 3 students from ECE, one of the Digital & Data by OMNES Education schools!

Passionate about oceans, Sarah Le, Axel Vinant and Antoine Ghiassi decided to lead a project dedicated to aquariums by combining their skills in digital and data.

The objective of this project is twofold, on the one hand the improvement of all displays for aquarium visitors and on the other hand the sensitization of visitors to the oceans. The idea of this project is to optimize the visitor’s experience in the aquariums.

TIKO offers visitors a unique visiting experience that is interactive, educational and entertaining thanks to a mobile application that combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence. This application allows aquarium visitors to interact with the tanks. The application recognizes the observed species in real time. Simply place the camera of your smartphone in front of the pond and on the desired species. Once the species is identified, an information sheet appears. In addition, there is a donation system. Indeed, for each species identified, a small amount of money is donated to associations working for the protection of nature.

A word from the student

“We decided to focus on ocean awareness because we realized that many people today are not aware of the importance of preserving the oceans.”
Sarah LE

This application works with a real-time image recognition model. For this model to work, it needs image data.

Today, the Sea Life Val d’Europe aquarium is interested in the TIKO project and wishes to be the first aquarium to have it!

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A word from the student

You have to jump in and stop making excuses and telling yourself you don’t have time next to your studies!

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Venture Orbital Systems

Launching rockets for satellites?

This is the ambitious and innovative project of Ilan Saidi-Bekerman, a student of ECE, one of the Digital & Data by OMNES Education schools.

Venture Orbital Systems (VOS) is a company that specializes in creating small rockets for small satellites.

VOS is one of the first entirely French launchers: developed, designed and manufactured in France.

Ilan’s interest in the space market and his identification of the problems in this market led to the idea of creating Venture Orbital Systems.

Today, VOS has 30 full-time employees with a subsidiary, Astreos, dedicated to nanosatellite services.

Nos Anciens

Our alumni: inspiring career paths!


Vianney Raskin combines tech, digital, his commitment to the environment and his passion for entrepreneurship to create his company Citron.

Citron is a scale-up company specialized in energy and technical management of real estate assets. This scale-up aims to optimize system and environmental performance through Big Data and IoT.

The company now has about fifty employees whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition of buildings.

Citron offers 3 types of services: an energy management web platform, a technical management web platform and energy efficiency consulting.

This scale-up is currently working with all the major players who have real estate assets. Citron’s main targets are local authorities and large private sector companies. The real estate assets where Citron offers its services are numerous and very diverse, such as schools, day care centers, municipal buildings, gymnasiums, headquarters, hospitals, etc…

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Wisp Solutions

Fluidizing car traffic in large cities using artificial intelligence (AI)? This is the Wisp Solutions project, of Pierre Philbert, ECE alumni.

Awarded at the Viva Technology show, Wisp Solutions is an innovative and ambitious startup.

It was during his trip to Bangkok that Pierre had the idea to create his project. Following a problem of traffic jams and a bad management of traffic lights, Pierre decided to bring all his expertise and develop his project. This solution optimizes the operation of traffic lights to smooth urban traffic using AI.

Wisp Solutions uses data from connected vehicles and AI to enable smart traffic and optimize traffic signal switching times. Pierre’s solution is done without additional infrastructure, without the installation of sensors on the road.

Updated 19 September 2022