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digital & data programs

BachelorMScGrande École Programs
Management TrainingSP5 Digital Management & Social Media
SP5 Digital management & e-commerce
SP5 Digital Media Management & Production
SP5 UX management & innovation strategy
SP5 Data management & consumer sociology
Training in Marketing, Communication & CreationSP4 Digital Creation and Design
SP4 Digital marketing and e-commerce
SP4 Marketing, advertising and media strategy
SP4 UX design and innovation
SP4 Data marketing and user journey
SP4 Digital marketing, innovation & start’up project
SP4 Brand building & digital experience
SP5 Digital Design
SP5 Health Marketing & Communication
SP5 Digital marketing, innovation & start’up project
SP5 CX & Service Design
Management TrainingMaster Grande Ecole Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
Training in Marketing, Communication & CreationBachelor in digital marketing and communication
Bachelor Business, AI and data
Bachelor Community management and social networks
Bachelor Web marketing
MSc Digital Communication & Social Media
MSc Advertising & Digital Strategy
MSc Digital Marketing & e-Business
MSc Data Analytics & Marketing Manager
Finance trainingMSc Banking Digitalisation & Financial Manager
Business TrainingMSc Start Up & Digital Transformation
Training in Marketing, Communication & CreationBachelor motion design
Bachelor Game design
Training in Marketing, Communication & CreationMaster Grande Ecole International Digital Marketing
Engineering trainingPreparatory cycle and 1st year engineers
Bachelor Software development
Bachelor Cybersecurity
Bachelor Data engineering
MSc Data Engineer & AIMaster Grande Ecole Energy & Environment
Master Grande Ecole Embedded Systems, Aeronautics and Robotics
Master Grande Ecole Information Systems and Cybersecurity
Master Grande Ecole Big data & Analytics
Master Grande Ecole Connected Objects, Networks and Services
Master Grande Ecole Finance & Quantitative Engineering
Master Grande Ecole Health & Technology
Master Grande Ecole Autonomous & Connected Vehicle
Business TrainingBachelor Digital business development

The Programs

Digital & Data by OMNES Education offers a wide range of courses and programs from post baccalaureate to baccalaureate + 5.

Updated 31 May 2023