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Digital technology, which is in full expansion, offers great opportunities. This sector has been boosted by the digitalization of companies. This digitization has been strongly reinforced since the health crisis.
In order to meet the new post-pandemic challenges and an increasingly connected world, companies have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation and offer more digital solutions.

How does marketing, communication and creation apply to digital?

Digital marketing refers to promoting and selling a product, service or brand to consumers using digital channels. Digital marketing is essentially based on the development of the Internet and connected objects.

Digital communication refers to all the digital media that allow the visibility of a company, a brand. By digital media we mean websites, social networks, digital newsletters, etc. Digital creation refers to the production of content for digital use. Digital creation uses digital tools such as software (video editing software, image processing software etc…), hardware (computers, smartphones, tablets etc…).

Our management training courses

BACHELOR (B1, B2, B3 è Bac + 3)

Brilliant diamond on black surface. Three-dimensional illustration.

Bachelor Game design

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Bachelor in digital marketing and communication

  • Business, AI and data
  • Community management and social networks
  • Web marketing

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MSc & MBA (MSc1, MSc2 è Bac + 5) and Masters Grande Ecole

The opportunities

The opportunities of a management training in the world of. Here is a non-exhaustive list of jobs that you can do after graduation:

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Community manager
  • E-commercial
  • Web marketing manager
  • Traffic manager
  • Web Project Manager
  • Webmarketer
  • UX designer
  • Digital Art Director
  • Mobile Web Designer
  • Marketing manager in gaming

Updated 19 September 2022