Job Focus: Game Designer in the world of video games

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Are you a creative person with a passion for the world of video games? Are you a rigorous person and do you like to work in a team?

Then maybe the job of Game Designer is for you!

What is a Game Designer?

The Game Designer designs the entire environment of a video game. In other words, it elaborates all the elements that will constitute the gameplay. He imagines the features, the characters, the actions, as well as the whole universe of the game. The Game Designer sets up the rules of the game and his objective is to meet the specifications established beforehand while imagining a game with a unique, fun and attractive experience. The profession of Game Designer is therefore a key profession in the production of a video game. He puts himself in the player’s shoes to make the video game as attractive as possible.

What is its role, its missions & its daily life?

In order to propose an attractive game, the Game Designer will implement several actions.


Write the specifications in order to define the targets of the game, the allocated budget, the context etc.


Define all the rules of the game, the way to play and a compelling story for the player.


Inventing puzzles, designing characters, imagining different levels of difficulty to the game and new challenges. The Game Designer must think of all the possibilities in order to create a fluid and playful environment.

Once the gameplay elements have been defined, imagined and created, the game designer tests the game and makes any changes to improve the player’s experience.

All of these missions are carried out in a team with a project manager, graphic artists, designers, sound illustrators, etc.

What are the qualities required to become a Game Designer?

To become a Game Designer, several qualities are required. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Be passionate about video games and have a good general knowledge of the gaming world
  • Be creative
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Be rigorous
  • Enjoy working in a team
  • Have an interest in programming and modeling software
  • Have a good level in English, the universal language of the video game world

What are the different paths within OMNES Education?

Within the OMNES Education Group, Sup de Création, one of the Group’s schools, offers a course leading to the profession of Game Designer. Sup de Création’s Bachelor’s degree in Game Design is accessible after the baccalaureate and is taught on the Paris campus. The Bachelor’s degree trains students in 3 years, this program is focused on the creation of original gaming universes and the management of video game projects.

Updated 20 September 2022