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Maxime Loubar’s inspiring journey

After graduating with a major in energy and environment from ECE, Maxime Loubar gives meaning to his professional life and becomes co-founder of the startup WYES. Through his project, Maxime combines technology and digital to serve the commitment and the human.

WYES is a solution for people with disabilities who can no longer communicate at all, who are affected by an illness that has paralyzed them. WYES allows these people to communicate with their eyes through a pair of connected eyeglasses. This is a project that Maxime is developing with patients, medical staff and associations. The goal of WYES is to allow these patients to regain their autonomy of communication so that they are no longer excluded from our society.

Un parcours riche et inspirant !

Change the world with SOLINUM!

Je veux en savoir plus

Victoria launched SOLINUM while studying engineering atECE Paris. His project saw the light of day in 2016 and now has about 30 employees.

The objective of Victoria’s project is to propose to people in precarious situation a cartography of various useful places such as food distribution banks, showers, legal or social support organizations etc… And this within 20 departments in France.

SOLINUM is a quality database that references all the devices available to people in precarious situations. This database is then translated into a website, a mobile application, interactive terminals, paper lists and an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows SOLINUM to share all these data with several users.

Change the world with SOLINUM!

Vianney Raskin combines tech, digital, his commitment to the environment and his passion for entrepreneurship to create his company Citron.

Citron is a scale-up specialized in energy and technical management of real estate. This scale-up aims to optimize system and environmental performances thanks to Big Data and IoT.

Citron offers 3 types of services: an energy management web platform, a technical management web platform and energy efficiency consulting.

This scale-up is currently working with all the major players who have real estate assets. Citron’s main targets are local authorities and large private sector companies. Citron offers a wide range of services for a variety of real estate assets. For example, schools, nurseries, municipal buildings, gymnasiums, head offices and hospitals.

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Updated 17 October 2022