What are the opportunities of a training in digital?

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The digital sector encompasses all professions related to the use of the Internet and any other technological support.

Summary: Digital is a fast-growing sector that offers many career opportunities. Knowing that graduates can integrate companies operating in all fields, the opportunities of a training in digital are numerous. Positions can vary from technician to senior manager, depending on your background.

The principle is to take advantage of the digital world. This is a rapidly growing field, in the sense that a large number of transactions are now carried out online. All companies, regardless of size and industry, are moving into the digital age. Depending on the path chosen, new graduates may be eligible for positions in areas such as:

  • The web creation
  • The webmarketing
  • Web development.

What are the challenges of digital?

The digitalization of companies is happening at all levels, regardless of the sector of activity. Indeed, it takes place in the field of finance, security, and mainly in marketing. Digital allows the use of technological innovations to develop the activities of a company, to propose simplified solutions to digital users, etc. Sector in perpetual evolution, the formations in the digital are an essential base. It is then necessary to train in a specific field or to become self-taught to remain competitive in the work world.

What are the training courses in digital?

There are different ways to get trained in digital, ranging from professional training to academic studies.

Les formations Liées

The path chosen generally depends on the course of study beforehand. For those who have already entered the professional world with skills in computer science, communication, marketing, etc., further study may be required. The principle is to specialize in a specific field, such as digital marketing.

Furthermore, if at the end of high school you want to enter the digital world, it is advisable to follow a university path.

There are many establishments that train for the digital profession, such as specialized schools, universities and professional training centers.

Note that these institutions offer different degrees and that the years of study vary.

For professionals, it is possible to follow an online or alternating course. Thus, it is usually sufficient to submit an application and to pass an interview.

If you have a baccalaureate, choose a course of study in computer science, mathematics and applied sciences or information systems management at the university of your choice. In addition, you can also join a web school.

Les diplômes dans ce secteur

Most of the training courses in digital are sanctioned by a diploma or a certification, namely :

  • BTS or Bac +2 focused on digital technician jobs: in this path, you can turn to a BTS SIO (Infrastructure Solutions, Systems and Networks) in order to be in charge of the maintenance and security of computer equipment.
  • the Bachelor’s degree, which is the equivalent of a Bac +3 or bachelor’s degree: to work in digital, opt for a course in digital marketing, computer science, information and communication, etc.
  • Bac +5 or Master’s degree: a Master’s degree allows you to specialize in the field of web marketing and social media, computer programming, etc.

What are the jobs available in the digital sector?

The digital jobs are mainly divided into 3 areas, namely web creation, web development and digital marketing. Although they all belong to the digital sector, each position requires more or less specific skills.

La création web

As its name suggests, web design consists of creating different interfaces for websites, applications, and eventually video games. The designer’s role is to provide a pleasant and fluid design. To meet this mission, companies will need to recruit:

  • an artistic director ;
  • a graphic designer ;
  • a webdesigner ;
  • a 3D illustrator ;
  • etc.

In addition to the basic notions of web creation, a job in this universe requires creativity and rigor.

Le développement web

Web development jobs are based on programming. Indeed, the programmer’s role is to ensure the proper functioning of a website, an application or a video game. It is thus responsible for the development of its tree structure and the planning of periodic updates. It is therefore a technical job that requires in-depth computer skills.

Le marketing web

Digital marketing or e-commerce requires the adoption of different marketing strategies in order to have a profitable business in the long run. As a result, this sector recruits for a large number of positions, namely:

  • data analyst/scientist, in charge of the analysis of the market situation;
  • digital marketing manager or digital project manager, in charge of the general coordination ;
  • traffic manager, in charge of advertising strategies;
  • community manager, who takes care of the external exchanges and the image of the company on the social networks;
  • CRM manager, whose role is to oversee customer relations;
  • Etc.

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Updated 6 July 2022