What are the opportunities of a training in luxury?

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Luxury corresponds to the professions within prestigious brands. Marketing and event management are among the main opportunities for training in luxury goods. Whether it is in the fashion, jewelry or perfume industry, training in this field allows access to various positions of responsibility.

The training in luxury aims to integrate the major brands, mainly French. This includes houses operating in the field of jewelry, perfumery and fashion. The hotel and automotive sectors are also part of the luxury sector. Depending on the course, the training can be sanctioned by a CAP diploma or a Bac +5/6. The main opportunities in the luxury industry are oriented towards :

  • marketing;
  • communication;
  • the event industry.

What is the luxury industry?

Luxury professions are mainly focused on the production of goods and the promotion of services. The luxury sector therefore refers to the field of fashion, particularly jewelry and haute couture, perfumery, cosmetics, etc. In a broader sense, it also includes the automotive sector, as this industry has many prestigious brands. In addition, luxury refers to the field of events and hotels, the objective being to offer high-end services.

What are the training courses in the luxury industry?

Following a training course in the luxury industry allows you to obtain a certification or a diploma in a specific sector. Depending on your expectations, it is possible to follow a course of several years leading to a diploma of Bac +5 or 6 or a shorter course leading to a BTS or a Bachelor of Luxury.

En quoi consiste une formation dans le luxe ?

Training in the luxury industry aims to professionalize students in a given sector. Depending on the path chosen, courses may include:

  • marketing concepts;
  • the basics of communication;
  • entrepreneurial strategies;
  • notions of event organization;
  • project management strategies;
  • etc

In order to have a precise idea of the sector, the training courses can be accompanied by internships in companies, either at the national or international level. Moreover, the mastery of French and English is an essential prerequisite to operate in this sector.

Où se former dans le domaine du luxe ?

There are many establishments that train for the luxury industry. If you are looking for a broad education, it is possible to join a business school. To be a student in this type of university, it is necessary to have a high school diploma. For those looking for specialized training, fashion schools and hospitality schools are options. Otherwise, it is also possible to join training centers to deepen knowledge in a specific field.

The OMNES Education Group’s courses and programs dedicated to luxury are offered in 7 different schools: INSEEC, Sup de Pub, ESCE, EBS, CREA, International University of Monaco, and IFG Executive Education. These schools offer a variety of courses from post-baccalaureate to BAC+5.

These different courses allow you to understand the world of luxury and the fields to which it applies, such as art, tourism, cosmetics, wines and spirits and many others.

Through these courses and programs, you will be able to discover and boost your knowledge in this sector but also increase your skills and expertise in marketing, communication, business and management of luxury.

What are the diplomas in the luxury sector?

There are different levels of study to enter the luxury sector, each with a corresponding degree.


It is a professional training that allows you to work in several sectors. You can thus turn to a CAP focused on the craft industry, sales or the hotel and restaurant industry.


A curriculum that extends over 3 years after the baccalaureate. Among the interesting diplomas are the BTS in Fashion Design, the BTS in Oenology, the BTS in Gemmology, etc.

Le bac +5 équivalent du Master

To work in the luxury sector, focus on a Master’s degree in innovation, design and luxury, a Master’s degree in luxury marketing, etc.

What jobs can I expect after completing a course in luxury goods?

There are many opportunities for training in the world of luxury, and they are divided into different sectors. It is also possible to operate on a national and international level.

Le secteur de l’artisanat

The sector of luxury crafts recruits different profiles, among which it is possible to count the professions of :

– jeweler (setter, diamond cutter, etc.);

– embroiderer ;

– fashion designer or stylist ;

– tailor or manufacturing technician ;

– confectioner ;

– Etc.

Le secteur du marketing

Luxury marketing consists in joining a company operating in the sector. Within a company, it is possible to hold different positions of responsibility, namely :

– marketing manager ;

– product marketing manager ;

– community manager in charge of digital marketing strategies;

– sales coordinator ;

– sales manager ;

– buyer in luxury ;

– etc.

Le domaine de la communication

The communication professions are accessible at all levels and thanks to different training courses, even those that are not specialized. Some of the most interesting positions in the field of luxury communication include:

– communication manager/manager ;

– project manager or advertising manager ;

– press officer/press relations manager ;

– director of public relations ;

– etc.

Note thatthe fields of marketing and communication can sometimes be linked.

Le domaine de l’hôtellerie

Since luxury hotels are numerous, they recruit a large number of staff, including :

– hotel/restaurant manager ;

– communication and event managers ;

– guest relation manager ;

– pastry chef/cook ;

In addition to the above-mentioned professions, the luxury industry is looking for many other profiles to fill positions that are sometimes unusual.

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Updated 5 July 2022